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Of customers. The same progress can also be seen in some overseas markets, especially China, where store sales grew by more than 90% in this latest quarterly report, though, overall revenue projections did fall short of estimates. Due to some international weakness. Colonial come Oni man's under arrest after police in Stockwell is say he ran one of their vehicles with a stolen car. This happened just after 3 30 this afternoon along 48th Avenue south near I five. Suspect random marked vehicle in trying to escape. As detectives approached, he and a passenger ran away on foot following the crash. The driver was found on Gateway. Dr Short time later at last check the passenger Had not been located. The pandemic has had an unexpected side effect to sharp increase in gun violence. Como's Ryan Harris has more in county prosecutor Dan Satur Berg's office has measured gun violence down to every shots fired call for the past four years. But Satur Burg tells co Moh news. The number shot way up in 2020, like 90 murder cases filed up from the average of 56 with 2021 on pace with 2020 Satur Briggs says there are lots of theories on the pandemics relationship with the increase. But he says they do know the vast majority of the violence involves communities of color and young people in their twenties, which he says isn't surprising because that's how it was before Cove it But it also opens up some potential strategies to invest in those communities and to invest in opportunities for young people, in particular, young people of color who are at risk of violence, Satur Berg says. It also speaks to how easy and cheap it is to get guns, with lots of them on the street and more people choosing to carry a gun when they leave home. Ryan Harris come Oh new President Biden will deliver his first address to a joint session of Congress tomorrow night, and Democrats are hoping you'll announce some additional policies to help the economy recover. Washington Senator Patty Murray. She's like family leave issues like child care issues, like making sure that our families have the support they need to be able to go to work on. Be economically independent are part of that as well. We'll have complete coverage of the president's speech. Right here on Co Moh news, 1000 and 97 7 FM COLONIES Times 7 40 from the Beacon Plumbing Sports desk right now down in Texas bottom of the eighth Astros lead the Mariners two to nothing and co. Most Bill Swartz tells us there's a chance the Washington Huskies could use to quarterback system this season. Dylan Morris was U Dub starting quarterback for the Shortened 2020 football season, and during this spring camp has been in solid competition with Colorado State graduate Transfer Patrick O'Brien. And true freshman Sam Hear word from Bure, Ian's Kennedy Catholic High School, Washington offensive coordinator John Donovan asked whether we could see a two dog QB system this fall. We're far from that. Yeah, I mean, not right now. We were too far from that. So I can truly answer that question. The Washington spring football game is coming up Saturday at Husky Stadium. The National Hockey League. Preparing contingency plans of virus restrictions in Canada prevent travel between provinces or back and forth to the playoffs. And HL Commissioner Gary Bettman calls the situation wildly unpredictable and quote and says the league will make whatever adjustments necessary to get the playoffs complete it. Last summer, the NHL held the Stanley Cup playoffs in the safety of to quarantine bubbles in Canada. Sports updates a 10 and 40 After the hour. Bill Swartz Come on, is Okay, Parachutes. Ready boy. The things I go through.

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