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First bank of California stadium one of the best venues are ever gonna go to LA and see is the hearts of LA the best sports experience in LA it truly is absolutely amazing times good for the entire family congrats excellent that that's great but where's the love that they still talk about when they met you at magic mountain it was so cool when was it like this last time around magic mountain yeah yes ma'am yeah yeah remember that all thank you well we appreciate ever necessary your list as you exit the stage is momentarily yours you take it away I just have a great day everybody thank you surely have a great day to thank you Tony George good morning traffic Tony what is going on well I think they are get ready take this half off of the freeway indicted by sixty freeways sounds I just hope we get to grand it was in the two right lanes are moving into the grand offramp the drive in the sixties so pretty so quickly from Nogales and work outside the fifty seven separate heavy coming away from now I'm almost break canyon is making way over towards the scene of the accident ten freeway you sounds I just before you get to grant that three car crash is gone from the left lane you will still see the brake lights so I've been sent west outside the tent is a pretty tough and now it's coming out of my clear stress from much of this all the way out towards grant where they did wrap up their their problem as well and I think it was canceled in a legion park south bound by the by the city away with police activity taking away the left lane that's all been re opens the drive those two things have come away from the one thirty four south bound by so to get out of commerce from slots and out to you at that valley view northbound side of the five so the Rosecrans now you'll see the brake lights there to Los felis provide that it's wide open have at the head as you get into the Burbank stretch them north outside of the fourteen at St candy that overturned cars gone for the roadways to drive as much approve northbound southbound still seem to manage lays between the a princess and knew how Avenue the topic what is funded by super woman super lawyer dot com I'm Mariam Harmon I have over seven hundred fifty million dollars recovered injured in an accident call.

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