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We'll play jan from the veteran's group amvets with a hashtag please stanbic the nfl refused a groups thirty thousand dollar by because the league says the super bowl program is no place for political statement we're trying to focus in on things that help us grow and develop a nothing's it tear people down divide us beckham timber there was an online survey of over a thousand adults by the global strategy roof so they basically asked for the perspective on the nfl protest only thirty nine percent of those polled approved of it fifty one percent disapproved of it while ten percent were neutral but when you look inside of those numbers seventy two percent of african americans who participated in the survey agreed with the protests while thirty one percent of whites agreed in other words the approval of the nfl protests were seemingly divided among racial lines that's no surprise because the method hijack the message again nba legend kobe bryant on the nfl protest obviously when the biggest issues this force was the national anthem peaceful protests that took place with the nfl players if you were still play with that have been something you would have participated in robert to preserve sure rob troubled guns home track for that's fine he would collins message was very simple his police brutality he's he did take a look at them it's very hard as a black athletes simply suit is in no way we're comfortable made it we have made it's okay no we don't need to jump into this thing is too much controversy read only.

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