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The first half of the you're the fall at home park junior high and dad was there to teach the spring and they weren't supposed to overlap, but there was a massive snowstorm, moms flight got canceled. Dad got in on the first bus, the bus drops him off in downtown. Most people that night shows to sleep at the station till the roads cleared people could drive to them. But my dad's from Maine. So you tell a boy from Maine, you gotta dry. You've got to walk three, three miles through deep snow and he's like, okay. Walks way into west Baltimore, and there's a shovel in the driveway. The drive was full of snow. And again, being a boy for manny's picks up the shovel. He's shoveling the driveway and shove on the wall, and my grandfather looks out his window January of nineteen sixty six segregated west Baltimore has he's head of Weipa Chevron, his driveway and he fell in love at sei. I was like, this is awesome. My dad kept coming back and he would drink scotch with my Granddad every Sunday night and greatest papers while he listened to. My grandfather's jazz records grandfather was a bit of an introvert and that was the easiest way to his heart. So he, he fell in love with my dad as companion for whiskey and jazz. My grandma was the activists in the family. She actually turned one hundred and two in November comes from a family of activists. Her grandfather was born a slave state Senator co-founder, Virginia state university in the family, and he was the first in our family to join the end up CPA and she grew up in it and she fell in love with my dad. When he kept getting arrested to desegregate lunch counters in Baltimore, as a junior high school teacher who was upset about how his students were being treated. Grandmother's very, very light skinned black woman straight hair aimed frequently mistaken for white. And so she would just show up at the jail, and they would assume that that that was his mom and she wouldn't correct them. And so she fell in love with him when he was he was behind bars and the my mom shows up in the summer. Dad takes her out on a date proposes the next day. And she says, no, and proposes that the. Bright after the first date he proposed and she says, no, and proposes the next day. And she says, now proposes the third time and she says, yes. And what happened between two and three. I think honestly, there may have been so she went to so well, the first time she said, look, I wasn't expecting to ever go out with a white guy. Maryon slowdown. Good. Fuck twenty four hours. The second time she went to our great aunt and said, you know, if you ask me again, I think I'll say yes, I've always wondered because my great little nosy, I great, great aunt her great aunt was a little bit nosing if she didn't call. My dad was a, hey. You need this asking. My parents engaged in for six weeks. That seems very fast to me. That's smart. Smartmotion. And they were. They were married six weeks later and and that was fifty two years ago last month. And what my parents taught me is that you take love where you can find it and you protect it fiercely. And. But also with the also taught me was. You don't let anybody at the end of the day. Tell you where your where your home is. How are your father's parents about it also good. His dad was dead. It's father died of his third heart attack. My dad was seventeen is while I was forty three, his mom was fine. His grandfather disowned and disinherited him as did his his once around his mother's parents or the father's parents. Parents. My dad comes from old New England, family. His first ancestral come to America all the way died in Maryland in sixteen fifty six. And his uncle drove to where they were both at a summer program. Part of Antioch university had a some apartment in Vermont drove over from Maine, sat down with him until I believe you're in love with this woman, but I know a man can fall in love with many women, and you need to go fall in love with somebody else, or you're going to lose your family. My dad says that my mom saved them..

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