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The Zach yelp show on CBS sports radio and talk to a two time former MLB all star did win two World Series championships as well back in two thousand and four with the Boston Red Sox in in two thousand and nine with the New York Yankees and that's Johnny Damon back on the show Johnny thanks for the time that you've been Hey I've been fantastic guy just hope everybody else's I mean we were very fortunate to be in Florida during the pandemic and now during this very trying time it's like you know I will they're so normal see coming real soon for everybody I know in baseball right now it's an absolute mess but if you were still playing how do you think you'd be dealing with this right now with all the uncertainty of for going to have a season that also having to take care of it and think about your family's health and safety to yeah well if I were at the tail end of my career it would make it a very easy time to retire if I was in the trial or early on I mean I would just be ready to go and I think a long spring training is going to be tough I mean these guys are great athletes I mean the older guys in the game really aren't around anymore so these guys they all should be staying in shape doing something right now so I feel like they can get something done if they shorten spring training time line and you know that everybody knows I mean we didn't have to be told that if you're sick you should it go out or go on flights or you know and just everybody just pay pay attention and I think we would be absolutely okay and you know there's a lot of sports coming down to Orlando like the N. B. A. the M. L. S. I know a lot of these kids got shipped this year at school but they should be the fans at the games that the kids who inspired to be basketball player or just try to get to the next level in college or even the guys who have dreams to be soccer players and pro baseball the young kids to kind of play out their entire season these kids who are heading off to college and last year of college is going to start like you can social distance enough I mean that I know we have to be careful but I also know we have to US cert moving and getting ready to they have this great country come together and be the great greatest nation again so you're tell me if this was two thousand eleven two thousand and twelve Johnny Damon when you were playing with the the raise and then the Indians you probably would have walked away from the game absolutely I mean I was getting ready to retire in two thousand twelve because that was the absolute joke after the year that I had with the grades that I couldn't get a job until may first I mean I had to seventy three I think it's sixteen home runs or eighty one drove in seventy three I mean and I can get a job to may first so all of a sudden I'm older player and as a young kid I didn't need spring training but as an older player I mean if you have your kids there how you're on the golf course and your legs after you'll get a job going to spring training you can just chill and then when I got that phone call I was like I might as well try even though I hadn't been picking up a bat because I saw the same stuff that happened to Gary Sheffield the year before I mean like still dangerous here there or a couple years they're still dangerous heather and could I get a job always a great teammate you know whatever people may have thought it's like now we like but we always have each other's backs and that's why the clubhouse is the best thing going because you get along with everybody and sports is the greatest thing because you show camaraderie and usual teamwork to accomplish a goal and that's to always be a winner even with the waiting like what what happened with you in Cleveland and the other situations that you were talking about that probably would have been as some of that love the game like yourself a tough way to end your career though because of the pandemic in just with some of the uncertainty just to walk away like that would probably have to be a tough decision yeah well at the time I retired I had six kids so it's think about moving them around and being say the I mean if I had one kid and it would be a lot easier but I mean these guys going up against a very difficult situation me personally I feel like all the baseball has to be in Arizona and Florida I also think you know it could be the Tampa Yankees this year the fort Myers red Sox I mean just so we were there has been really good during this pandemic in central Florida where I live one of eighteen hundred people got the virus you know it obviously it could change you know what well duh lo you know it's there it says that but Florida is like the best place to hold everything right now I am glad the NBA and the hello Lester coming to Orlando and and it's not me that a lot of the games because of been played at my former high school like Dr close so you can raise money for the.

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