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Greeting runners Boston marathon race director. Dave McGill says they have made some changes to accommodate the weather and to keep the runners comfortable just want the amount of exposure to the elements of as many people's b and the people eating around the longest, obviously, those people in wait for way, Corrine takes off at ten fifty historically wait for took off at eleven fifteen and we're just trying to now about gap the minimize the waiting out in. He says they'll put side walls on the tents and add heat. He says runners should stay out of the rain as long as they can last year's race. If you recall was plagued by rainy, windy and generally miserable conditions well around Boston common today. Don't be surprised if you see a lot of soldiers the US army holding planned exercises on the common until five o'clock. It's part of army week according to retreat from the Boston police Depa. Moment. There will also be performances by US army parachute demo and drill teams as well. As a landing of a Black Hawk helicopter and an annual rite of passage taking place on the Boston common. The swan boats officially opening for rides. Chris cook is the chief of environment and open space for the city of Boston. That's a big day. I mean, it's a every single postcard. You have the city of Boston all the travel, brochures, always features the swan boats. So we really feel like spring hasn't started until those boats. Go around the water, we'll say it's a little unsparing like right now. But hopefully, the boats will bring this on on.

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