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Nominee, Joe Biden holding a drive in town hall. There was hometown is grant and he'll be taking live unscripted questions from voters. A federal judge has blocked changes to the U. S Postal Service, calling them a politically motivated attack that slowed male and would likely slowed the delivery of ballots in the presidential election. 14 stays led by Washington had filed a motion asking the court to immediately halt the leave male behind policy. They require postal trucks to leave at certain times. Regardless of whether male was loaded. High water vehicles being used to reach people in the Florida Panhandle, cut off by flood waters in the aftermath of Hurricane Sally mobilized approximately 500 for National Guardsmen in the western Panhandle. To assist the state. Ah, and the authorities in those affected counties with mostly search and rescue and high water evacuations for those affected areas. General Bob Brothers with the Florida National Guard Cruise carried out at least 400 rescues in Escambia County in Georgia. There, reports of numerous trees down and flooded highways are closed. America is listening to Fox News. Now the waiters from 77, ABC and WNBC radio dot com. I'm Bob around New York City, delaying the start of in classroom learning once again, pussies Kristen Marks. Mayor de Blasio says he chatted with union leaders for hours yesterday, and they had a number of Corona virus concerns. We are doing this to make sure that all the standards we've set can be achieved K through five and K through eight schools will now start in person learning on September 29th middle and high schools and secondary schools on October The first three K pre K and district 75 will start his planned on September 21st. I'm Christine Marks for 77 W. ABC News, the FBI and the Office of Inspector General conducting an investigation involving an early morning search at a physical therapists home and Wayne Dr Mahmoud al Sana. Is listed as the owner of the late Dr West House, where agents showed up around six this morning, according to reports that quote neighbors Dr L. Sana was in the news last year after putting up a sign outside his home, which read God less in Arabic, leading to complaints from some neighbors. He reportedly practices in Brooklyn. The Office of Inspector General does investigate things like fraud and abuse within the Medicare and Medicaid. But it's not clear what's being alleged here. Islanders looking to even up their playoff Siri's at the Lightning Yanks and Blue Jays tonight, Miss wrapping up their serious with pills Justin Thomas, currently in the lead of the U. S. Open in Westchester, NFL Thursday night. Football. Brown's hosting the Bengals. BBC News time It'll five traffic and transit up next Now you forecasting around you Subaru Weather Center tonight cloudy with a few showers Low 64 tomorrow partly sunny, cooler high 67 That's forecast on the Rams you Subaru Weather Center from the 77 W B C.

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