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Ready for the Rams. Cubs trying to extend their winning straight to eight games. They host the Reds tonight and the White Sox road trip heads to Oakland. Jimmy Lambert expected to start I'm Kevin Powell, WGN Sports Forecast from the WGN Chicago Weather Center meteorologist Paul Conrad. Showers and thunderstorms will sweep across Chicago and here this afternoon. A 60% chance those wind up in your backyard and there is a slight risk and some of these storms I think come through becomes severe. With the potential for damaging winds. Hail heavy downpours enlightening We'll see your daytime high. We didn't stay in the upper eighties and it will be windy with winds gusting up to 40 MPH Tonight the clouds and rain will clear out in the evening hours were dropped down to about 60 degrees and look for sunshine here tomorrow with daytime high readings in the upper seventies. From the WGN Weather Center. I'm Paul Conrad. Your money on W g. And right now the Dow is down. 212 points the NASDAQ Up 32 points. The S and P 500 is down just under nine points around Chicago Land. It is 74 degrees now in Waukegan. 86 degrees at O'Hare 87 at Midway, 87 on the lakefront. I'm Jordan Burn Field on Chicago's very young 7 20 w g. N September. 23rd is national Checkers Day. It's also national Great American Pot Pie Day and in celebration of National Bourbon Heritage Month. September 23rd is bourbon spirited Thursday at Virginia, ABC, where they're taking 20% off five Select premium Bourbons, just head to your nearest ABC store or order online for curbside pickup or delivery. And make it I just stocked up on some amazing Bourbons Day. Virginia ABC, please celebrate responsibly..

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