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On January Twenty Fourth Nineteen Ninety five. The trial of the century was called to order the forty forty seven year old defendant. OJ Simpson was represented by his Dream Team at their urging. He insisted that he was not guilty of the June in twelve murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman but the prosecutors led by forty one year old Marcia Clark were committed to proving proving that he was the killer and she laid out her theories in her opening statement. She said when we look upon and look behind behind that public face the man that you will see will be the face of a batterer. A wife beater and abuser a controller. He he killed Nicole for a single reason. A reason almost as old as mankind itself he killed her out of jealousy he she killed her because he couldn't have her and if he couldn't have her he didn't want anybody else to have her. He killed her to control her her to bolster this narrative the prosecution established OJ's history as a manipulative abuser. I they played recordings of Nicole's nine nine one one calls the court room cringed at the sound of Nicole Screams Saab's and Wales of fear as she repeatedly told police Own Jay was threatening her beating her declaring that he'd kill her then Nicole's sister. Denise Brown took the stand tearfully. She discussed the years of emotional and physical abuse that Oj had inflicted upon Nicole Abuse. Denise Niece had witnessed firsthand. She spoke of one instance when she nicole and Oj. All had dinner together at a restaurant called the red onion after drinks. OJ allegedly grabbed Nicole by the CROTCH and announced. This is where babies come from and this belongs to me. Denise recounted another occasion on which she confronted. OJ about his treatment of Nicole. She described how he flew into. A rage kicked kicked Nicole out of the House and then beat her before tossing her belongings from their bedroom. More than anything though denise focused on on OJ's rage and jealousy. She described him as a man who couldn't let go. Who'd rather see his ex wife dead than.

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