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But in the event because princeton does not have a dedicated mfa uh the the the children onto mccolgan children and just so young children the the students the undergraduates that doing gonna they're doing something psyched made on your assigned saw england dr economics and they take writing poor since so so there is this not immune they're just trying attack tina for sides and and there is none of these jostling and competition envy and backstabbing that can become very at the prevalent tang's in in in instead of three to writing mfa ever everyone's trying to like get a publishing deal that have a collection of show through the novel and you know they're trying to get agents and so there was none of that so that's a very refreshing and i always i still maintain that you know you cannot teach people how to rai you know what i did was i had a very big section in my glasses i gave them signed text and we talked about you can teach people how to read and you know if you don't read you'd on right so at and you know go go the the best way you become to the the world is through is likely to read the you know you know you haven't served in the iraq war are you haven't you know a belived should through vietnam or whatever but i but put a book is something that will open up this world to you so much of the knowledge of the world we get is from books.

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