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It's pretty good if we don't bring that topic of with them because he got hooked by brady on that play. Oh yeah yeah well. We yeah we. We told him about them. He he's a little sensitive about that. I remember when brady did that. I was like i think i was saying you know for all of us. Who aren't athletic like look at that like it was awesome. It's like he faked urlacher one way and then went the other and locker so shocked that yes that entire experience happened. He just got froze. That's the is that the greatest run of brady's life the only well then he had the the end of the mist pass reception. The super bowl like that was one of those where i'm saying tom you're out there. You know we're with you. You're one of us. Catch the damn ball. Damn ball tom yeah and then foles catches his but it's like tommy can't throw and catch giselle is right. He can't catch he can throw but he can't catch all right. Play of the day is coming up next here on the dan patrick show. 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Losing my religion foxsports exports ill with the call michael lorenzen a pitcher homers in the eight then goes gets the win and then play center field first player to earn a win as a pitcher pitcher hit a home run and play in the field in the same game since babe ruth. Did it play brought to you by dollar. Shave club everything. You need to get ready in the morning. Everything just five dollars. Their ultimate shaved starter said right to your doorstep. Get yours at dollarshaveclub dot com slash patrick eric. I don't know why losing my religion. What am i missing on that is let's pithy <hes> match up there that we try to do with songs and i don't know mario. This is marios marios john. Mario says i'm being told sources close to me that mario doesn't know why he chose. R._e._m.'s losing my religion. Mario mario likes the song that's why he put it in there. Okay speaking music. I just put in a new sound system here in the man cave it's awesome. We're going to christen the studio. The man cave with a song here coming up top of the is this thing jammed try it. It's it's a concert got up to allow all man these j._b._l. Speakers are kick-ass all right the first song that we play in the man cave. Go.

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