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I'm Steve cave in on Twitter and on TV President Trump is talking about the deal that scrapped proposed tariffs on Mexico. White House correspondent Steven Portnoy. The joint statement announced late Friday, had Mexico agreeing to deploy its national guard or deter migrants and to keep more asylum seekers in Mexico, while their claims are being processed in the US reports that Mexico had already committed to those things, clearly got under the president's skin nonsense, Mr. Trump tells CNBC we talked about it for months, and months and months, and they wouldn't get there. He insists it was the tariff threat that forced Mexico's hand. I may do in barred in Mexico City. There are more Mexican federal police agents arriving at the migrant detention center in top Pachulia about twenty five miles north of the Guatemalan border more army soldiers and immigration agents are stopping vehicles at check. Points on the first one hundred and seventy miles of highway north to the US supreme courts decided not to hear the appeal of to Kansas, men convicted for failing to register gun silencers, as required by federal law legal analyst Thane Rosenbaum. The supreme court is taking a position that the second amendment rights to gun ownership is not without limits in the same way that the first amendment does not prohibit some regulation on speech. The court may be saying that private gun ownership may be a right that right does not extend to gun silencers gunfire at a bar and lead Dominican Republican. It was former baseball star David Ortiz, who lay wounded CBS's David begged no says the suspect was sworn..

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