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Really cares about us. Absolutely. He cares. He cares about country. What Where were you on the sixth day D. Did you sneak away to Washington? He didn't show up to the shows. It's a good question. I was literally I was literally at home. I was at home watching it. E was taking a rather what Here's Here's I think, Calvin. I think I think, Calvin, I think you're onto something. I think since we're on since we like to promote conspiracy theories, I think JD was one of those people that stormed the capital. I think he was carrying a Confederate flag. I think, yeah. Admit maybe he was in Washington. Can I see your report of your cellphone of where you were on Wednesday? Here's the deal. I was at home. I was watching Trump. I don't believe you. I think you're really on YouTube. On a right side. You joined Antifa run some labs Maddox broadcast network that was at home, and I was also following Twitter. That's how I know JD was right. And I know exactly when the capital was actually stormed. It was while Donald Trump was speaking. Not after the people that Donald Trump spoke to did not storm the castle. The timeline is on. I can hear both of you. Go ahead, Calvin. I think that is a smart man. But I think that he needs to be desensitized because she'd gotten from The illusion is on his mind. He can't help but support truck. Honest to God. It's not about Donald Trump. For me. It's about the United States of America. And that's what you idiot liberals don't understand you. He's an idiot. Liberals don't understand, right. It is not about just Donald Trump. It is about our that's what it is. Yeah, he can't do that. That's what it's about s O Cal Donald Trump Protests Take some work falls right where you are. Okay, let's take some more calls. People support. Donald Trump is because it's about American, not Donald trades, but the problem is for the left there, so insecure it themselves that it's about Donald Trump and Donald Trump is more important than in America. That's what that's that's a big issue right now. Left hates Donald Trump. You know when you're done then they love America. The left Hillary Clinton, You're just spilling out so much. I'm talking absolute. You don't even know how to spell the word time speaking. All right, fast, right, You spying back get back. So when you so let me ask you a question. Let me ask you questions. Donald Trump. Here's the fouls of there. We got more calls your Hello. Then they love America. Here's a fact because here's a fact you owe me $400. You made a bet with me that Donald Trump was going to lose the election. I haven't seen that too, that Donald Trump is gonna win. I haven't seen that. $200. You made a bet with me that Donald Trump was gonna get it least 15% of the black vote. You only $400. There's a fact. Where's my money? What's up? What? We're talking about this now? Because you want to talk about facts. Are you shaking me down on there? Yes. Yes. Really? Yes, I am. Yes, a little unbecoming. Not surprised you want to talk about, But that's only an idiot. Wouldn't pay somebody of money that they will have the conversation after January. 20th you like fax? I just wanted to give you a fact. You lost to bet you only $400 and you're trying to. This is the second time today Now you're trying to publicly embarrass me on here. No, you embarrass yourself. If that's what you're trying to do. You do that were right. And I know why you're doing that. And so does the audience. That's what you do that on your own. You embarrass yourself with the things you say on this show every day when you don't show up and you say you want to watch the events on TV, and you don't show up to a radio show you embarrass yourself on your own. I don't want to make this personal, but I'm not trying to embarrass you. You just said the word fact. Of course I'm giving you a foul. Of course you just said that's fine. Okay, Let's party lost forward. It's not my fault. I told you we'll talk about it after January, 21st. Okay? What do you mean? We'll talk about it. We'll toss the best. What's there to talk about? Just give me my money. First of all, Brian. Started talking about the black vote. Bet could be disputed asked election, but about we're gonna make a bet with you again. Just so we're definitely finally you should be called technical 15 on the air with every bet you've made against me, so you should be cool right now. I'm 62% betting college basketball, but I'm also the best baseball in chapter in America. Okay, Well, I'm not gonna do you want to call me a bad better comment? You can't really do that comment on that off The air is 1722575396. Let's go to Peter. Peter's next, Peter, What's up? What's up, Peter? Yeah. Bryan J. D. Hey, listen, you know, J Brian, I care about you. I'm concerned your game down the wrong track here. Did I say that? You disagree, sir? Well there. I want to remind you, they're making a movie. If you're just gonna be a made for TV or cinema graphic movie. I don't care. What if I make sure that when they come to your door with a movie camera pointed in your face that you're on the right side of the issue. I have no idea what you're talking about. Please be specific. What if I said that's going down the wrong path? What if I said that you disagree with that's not factual. I don't care about a movie. Now that this, uh you know, butting up against. Uh um Trump Trump. Okay, What if I said specifically what have I, Peter, you're repeating yourself. And now I'm gonna ask you the same question. What if I said specifically on this show that you disagree with that? You don't think it's factual? I don't know. But you don't know exactly exactly. You just said it yourself. You don't know. Have a nice day. 7022575396 Go to John John is next on the Vegas. Take John. What's going on? Hey, man. Hey, what's up, John? Katie, you're me 102. I'm shaking you down too, buddy..

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