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Days after she'll okay I'm a computer after go back in as Chuck said, just go back to the simple thing do and and make sure you do dot twelve I. We've before know making things more complicating but otherwise yeah there's nothing much to do we professional players we have to be ready for that sorts of problems that we have during our carrier and we have to make sure we can bunt is why we have been chosen as professionals. How'd you get on with just a day to day away from the football family stuff and all that when all in your head you've got all this stuff going on. That must be quite a difficult thing to deal. On one that's the challenge but then that can can be escape as well. Not I don't know what? Kept US person situation life but for me. It was good to get to we. Spent time with the family away from the game and. You. Know. Pleaded England where where everybody is a fund doesn't mean separating yourself from. You know whatever city is you're playing in you know in my you know go for a long drive and friends sometime family in in that regard. But you just have to try to find those escapes where. How You Meanwhile. Seats beginning with age thirty eight. Do the guys now any other players who played this well in their late thirties Well you. have. Zenit in Inter. Inter Milan Tin Player. Who I can say as been absolutely fantastic and to the end of his career, you have intern playing for Marseille Brazilian central defender.

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