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My opinion is supposed to like push boundaries and make people uncomfortable. And that's what makes but also have fun with it and people forgotten how to have fun with it. Like, it would like, you know, going back in the day, washing the Jason movie, and the Freddie movies, they weren't necessarily really heavy on plot. The fund was the chase. The creative kills and everything. And that's what I found like lacking in law slashers recently. And I'm like, this doesn't we'd we'd just go ball. So the walls with and we're like what does that the other slashes didn't Z so vicious and violent like even the opening opening kill was the guys in the diner? We're just stabbing that guy in the face like a hundred times over the top. Like, you never saw that. You don't see that with Michael Myers jas? Jason stabbed somebody or whatever. This is different from that, you know, maliciousness to him. Yes. He's enjoying it. He he say that in the script you have to the art stabs. The victim countless over the top. Yes. On his just like stab stab stab stab step dab. I'm like, well who how many stabs was that five stabs or six? I was the script for the for the vagina to Gullit man is just basically as you saw. It news was just like art proceeds to cut or was it indeed is going in detail and all he's like starts then the cooter and goes on down her intestines start spilling out until screaming. And I'm like, I don't like God, man. We don't we don't have a giant as but just to think about that fraud. Like, how would feel for if you haven't seen it spoiler? Do what do you call a hacksaw? Yeah. Going from ball bag like how long would it last? Yeah. Before you passed out and died that was that one was so bad. Right. And he he got inspiration for that. From Oldman medieval torture methods. Actually, she used to do to people hanging them upside down taking they had two people the and just cut people an athlete. Josh. There's some shit. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. I told him. I'm like dude for like future films men, you need to look more into this medieval stuff, and you not. Yes. A lot of cool. I did a favor on that. When I was in college about medieval torture kills and there's one rely. They put a cage filled with rats that haven't been fed like in a week on your stomach where the cage bottom, isn't there? They pull it out. So those rats just start eating you and sometimes they'll put fire on top. So that the rats is trying to save your belly. God who came up with? No, right. This is real stuff. Oh, and who who sat there and watch that happen to on my God. But once against and this is what I always say being a bad guy in wrestling. Yeah. Is it's a lot easier to make people hate you. Then is to make them like you. But once they start hating you. It's hard to keep them Haiti because you become entertaining. Like watching tariffs like art, the clown. Like when the first girl, I remember her name was the goes when the skeleton dress. Oh, yeah. On Tara Tara when? We got to talk with the student when she just gets shot by art, and she's dead and local she's supposed to be the one that lives. Yeah. So when she's dead now, I'm like, I don't know who throught for. I'm just gonna start rooting for art. Yeah. Right. And that's like art in wrestling, Colin baby faces or it will become a baby face slashed. Good guy. Just by proxy of how diabolically entertaining..

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