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Adam Walker. Oh, screen. It's Christ. Oh, Oh, my God. Thank you mean Adam Walker. I mean, why'd you have to do that? Everything so well, I mean, first memorable first place from scrimmage in a playoff games were all of a sudden things are just things that just I mean, you don't think the first snap of the game is going to determine a game, but sometimes it does it can it can have a talk about like a deflating, right. Deflating of your of your confidence. Yeah. I mean, usually it's like a three yard run. You know what I mean? Right? Right. Little screen pass for four. Yeah, There's a game to two or three. Right? Right. Instead, you have like seismic changes on the first snap there. Adam Walton. I will say, even though I was in the building and you and I have talked about a lot, I can't guarantee if it was the very first play. Or the second player. The third play was It wasn't what I can look it up was Adam Walker the very first and I was covering the dance a great question. I'll get to the answer. Pro football reference will have a good chance to welcome back. Hopes to the airways on the coastline was put you on the, um against line. That's all right. I mean, either way, Yeah. Okay. You're too young to remember the Adam walking Niners are playing nice with the Super Bowl 94 every lucky copes. You don't want to remember this one. Everything's great. They win the Super Bowl, but the next year is not the same. It's just not everything's not clicking. Ricky Water. Ricky Waters, You start right? Very Derek Loville was their main back, but he was hurt. No. Deon Sanders know Deon Sanders, but still the Niners won. The West went to the playoffs. Thank you were 11 and five that years that sound right? And that counted copes as up as it pissed off disappointing You kind of an off year. 11. 5, NFC west Wind on land. The Niners had an off year People were pissed off. Seriously, I was probably pissed. Yeah, you work with that kind of season is this zoo? Those five losses should have been wins. They should be 13 and three. That's probably what I was saying. No joke. That is how it rolls that is Right. And so the Packers came in, and at that time the Packers were not yet the Packers. Brett Farve was just arriving right then and there and we're like, all right, fine. Let's go beat the Packers, right. And on the first play of the game, Steve Young threw a screen pass to a random would be the equivalent of throwing it to. I don't want to say Jeff Wilson, Junior Paul because you know he's too good. He's way better way better than Walker. Everyone. I'm not trying to dog Adam Walker. I mean, he's a nice guy. I covered him. He's a cool, dude. But who would be like a don't say it to Michael? Hasty, but kind of like that's kind of yes, that Z. Type of player, right, Right like this. Yeah. So comes in the first place, and the guy had a first one. Adam Walker's play with a cast on his hand was running around with a cast trying to catch passes Coach and so he couldn't even like catch the ball. He had, like a psych hold it with his cast and And he fumbled it, and Craig Newsome scooped it up and ran in for a touchdown. That was the beginning. By the way that moment, right there was the beginning of a changing of the guard. It really was like in the NFC where the Packers you know they were moving into their positioning, and that kind of dominate the late nineties and in the N F. C. And the Niners would we're kind of playing catch up from that point on. You know what I mean? There's something you're the Packers. What? It wasn't that they wouldn't know. No hate. The Cowboys won the Super Bowl that in fact, they love the Packers. I believe Murph went to the NFC Championship. Lost in Dallas and then down. Yeah, season the Packers won. You could see them common copes. It was like, okay, the past the Cowboys. What foreign that they did. My belief shout out to Standing Nations High school believe former ST Ignatius teacher and coach Gil Haskell got knocked to the ground and got like a neck injury in that game, that cowboy Yeah. Yeah, I have the play by play right here. Okay, So it happened on it was January. It was January of 90, 95 9911 and five hosting a playoff game. Everything was cool. Everybody's pissed about the record Saturday, January 6 1996 95 season And so the Packers get the ball first, and they actually march all the way down to the 26 yard line, and they try a 44 yard field goal and the Niners blocked it. That's a big moment. Yes, so they take over. They trot onto the field with the 34 yard line first and Had 7 40 ago, says Steve Young pass, complete to Adam Walker for minus three yards. Adam Walker Fumbles recovered by Craig Newsome Return 31 yards for a touchdown, so it wasn't the first snap of the game. But it was the first snap of the Niners from Yeah, and the game was kind of slid away from there, like an honors were never really in that game. They were playing catch up all day. Shortly thereafter, The Niners went three and 93 out and then far completed a touchdown. Um, had a big passport. Keith Jackson for 35 to Robert Books for 20 and then unnecessary roughness, Marquez Pope and then a touchdown to Keith Jackson 14. Nothing in the first quarter on and then after that, it was just like years of slants to Antonio Freeman Dorsey Levens for 20. You know what I mean? It was just like torturers for years after until T O write until t. Oh yeah, That's the one time that's the only time The Niners of that era. Beat the Packers that game. That's the only time Harbaugh though good went to Lambeau got that way. Random. Owned him Appraisal, Dawson right with the kick. Yeah, we want Phil. In fact, Coach See this stat Lamar Jackson hit 100 yards rushing yesterday. Only the sixth quarterback to rush for 100 yards in a playoff game on Lee on, Lee joins one other man who's done it twice. They're the only two to do it twice on that. Play Well, Marge Accident and Colin Kaepernick, Colin Hafernik got came from there. Let's put it out there. There's still people out there. They get upset. When you play that they don't get it. They don't get the humor. I don't get it that it's funny. Yeah, I don't get that. That's a funny sound, but it's a funny bite. What do you do? You know, what do you want you want? It's hilarious, but we're looking for comedy around these parts. Yeah, poke a little bit just a quick look ahead already Saturday. Grams at Green Bay. Yeah. Thanks to you. I got to spread your Packers or seven point favorites. That's right. Um, Aaron, right. You gotta think Roger's ones that can do the time. Don't you think so? Some. So let's they have a little bit of their own Adam Walker moment, which I wouldn't mind Saturday Night. Lamar at Josh Alan. Nice game tonight. Yeah, that's a good one. Plus, it's a Saturday night she could drink with impunity. That's a deal. Yeah, for both teams. It's dangerous Buffalo, a three point favorite, and then Sunday morning. Ah, little Baker Mayfield in patches when Holmes reprising and Oklahoma Texas Tech game here, Good call. Yeah. Yeah, they actually had it when they played each other. It was like a crazy game, too. Like I think they like $850 of officers. I'm like right right. It was now looking up. I have the exact status of Karim Hunt returns to Kansas City for the first time. Oh, I remember the first time, but he's going how Congress wasn't seeing those those Brown's helmets like playing in January and women the game. I enjoyed it very much. I got to say you've got to feel good for the Browns, right? You got to feel good for the like, I don't know Anybody who, like hates the Browns the way we hate Dallas here. She had, like who? Nobody. The Browns are like the Ramones. They're just kind of out there doing their thing. You've got to give it up after all these years, you know, is there Brown's hater out there? I mean, I haven't met him if if there is one, and I just felt good for the fans. I mean, that's a real NFL town too. I mean, browns fans are legendary, You know, so and they got their 10 point Dogs in that game already. Is that the spread 10 points? Yeah, that's a coach report. That's 10. That's what that's what opened a That's a 12 or five kick. And then Sunday afternoon at 3 40. Here they come a 43 year old against a 42 year old oldest combos in NFL history. It's gotta be right between ready still getting the prime time slot after all these years. You know what I mean? They put him in the marquee slot again. You guys ready for a couple Brady stats and blow. You can't bring it on clothes here. You ready for this one, man, This one's gonna blow you away going to officer school. Uh, no. Number one. He just passed George Bland as the oldest quarterback to throw it touch. Not now, we gotta talk about the side by side photos. Dude, when they threw bland up there I was I was sitting there. I'm like this guy. This guy's third. How all this got 40. Looks like he was 61 recall. I'm old enough to remember Bland the guys and I remember at the time thinking that guy was 150 years old, right? I mean, I thought he was Methuselah. Dude, I thought it was I was like, Is that even allowed on the field?.

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