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He is Bill Frost. He's our television critic. He writes a column for slug magazine called Content Shifter. Which discusses streaming and other uh you know, communications issues, and he also has a podcast called the TV Tan. Where he talks about TV and booze with his friend Tommy, Milagro, and Bill is also in a band and you can find all of these wonderful bill frost related things and much more collected. Where, Mr Frost At Bill Frost TV, You know, Bill you I'm sure you told us about this show. I know you did. Well while ago and I think you even recommended it. It's the great God Bird. Ethan Hawke. And a long time ago. Yes, yes. And for some reason, um, my wife and I started to watch. I think they're only three episodes. Three. It's like a mini series. Holy crap. That's good. I mean, it is really, really good. About John Brown. And you know how crazy John Brown was and in the Civil War, Times and Emancipation Times, so I regularly at the The good Lord Bird on Showtime. Yeah, it's fair, man. It's really good anyway. Uh, today, uh, the height and the weight is over. Finally. Why the last man on Hulu? Finally arrived based on the vertical comic What is this? This is a It's a comic book that's been around for a very long time and a lot of awards. And it's the premises. Basically every, uh, thing with a Y chromosome. Dies. Except for one person. Uh, Yorick is his name. Oh, last for Europe? Yes. And he has He has a monkey, A capuchin monkey named ampersand that, uh, his friend, but that's basically the plot right there. It's a end of the world. The You know, he's the only man left on the planet and who's who's in this? Uh, Here's here's some of the people at Diane Lane. Amber Tamblyn, Olivia thoroughly be actually romance Mayor in Ireland. Why the last man has played by Ben Schnitzer. I'm not familiar with him. Oh, bench knits, You know, I don't know. But you know, this is a 10 episode series. Uh and he's gay right for week. Uh, that's the twist. That would be a good twist. That would be a figured it out. That's the twist. I don't worry. I'm not interested in any one of you. But that won't matter. He would still do it anyway. When, when this comment because released all those years ago, it received a lot of awards. A lot of notices, and Hollywood has been trying to adapt it for a very long time. So they think maybe they've got it figured out. This time. We'll see. Yeah. All 10 episodes of Why the last man word. Direct female directors. I'll turn episodes, uh, appropriately and also the daily show Trevor Noah returns tonight after summer break. Which is a lot of audience to really I think that leaves only set. Meyers is the last late night guys standing without a live audience. Hmm. And coming up. On Thursday, B. J. Novak from the office as a new series he's hosted in created called the Premises on Hulu. It's uh, it's an anthology series that From what I've seen of it So far. It's kind of like a more comedic black mirror. But instead of terrifying technology, it's about social justice issues. Mm hmm. And, uh You know people like Caitlin Deaver. Just one. Bernthal is in this. Okay? Uh, it has an er, probably one of his last things You did, but bridges and various other people, and that's starts Thursday on Hulu. Also Thursday on Julia, a new he man and the Masters of the universe. A Netflix not to be confused with the one that they just released. No, no, This is a CG version. This one. This one is a geared more towards a younger audience. This is trying to get new people interested instead of the 40 year old guy, you know, trying to, Yeah, get his childhood back or whatever this is for a younger audience. It's more anime style CG and everybody has powers and, yeah, Okay, It's it's bound to piss off the the he man fans of a certain age bound to piss them off no matter what. Are they complaining already? Oh, yes, They already have. The trailer's been out for a few weeks now and already they hate it. So I'm like it's not for you. You have your he man over here. This is for other people. Also on Thursday, the season three premiere of Tacoma FD on Tru TV. Uh, this is from the guys behind Super troopers. It's about a fire department in Tacoma. The joke is that comma is the, uh, the wettest place in America. To know a lot of fires to fight. And if you if you hate super troopers, this is not for you. Exactly. Yeah, It's very dumb comedy. Yes, I'll take. I'll check it out. Where is this appearing? On Tru TV. Tru TV, All right. And, uh, debut in Friday season to the morning show on Apple TV Plus Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Anderson, Steve Carell. Uh, said in a TV morning shows. In all all the drama in front of the camera behind the camera. All to both sides of the camera. It's all the drama. I watched the, uh go ahead. Yeah. The first season started off. Not great ended ended pretty well. So you know Have high hopes for the second season now. Yes, I was about to say about the same thing I watch. The whole first season, and it's uh, really, really very good performances by everybody. Um And it looks great. But there was just kind of thin somehow, you know? Yes, Like, okay, fine. Do I really care about these people, but it did get better as it went on. Yes. Also on Friday season three sex education on Netflix, starring Gillian Anderson. Uh, Funny show Very funny show seasons and, uh, yeah, already Alright. Yeah, and, uh, Sunday the 2021 Primetime Emmy Awards. Posted. They have a host Cedric the entertainer. Yes, yeah. I wasn't going to watch. I wasn't going to watch until I heard that. In case you're wondering Cedric the entertainer hasn't sitcom on CBS, therefore He got the job. Makes sense. And, uh, feels like the boys is up for some awards. Yes, video, Uh, usual crowd of Bridgeton in the Handmaid's tale. Lovecraft countries in here, Cobra Kai. Somehow Emily in Paris is up for one in comedy series. Really? Emily and Perry. Nobody says it right. Oh, I see because it has to be family in Barrie. Yes, nobody says not Emily in Paris. Nobody says that being said issue American. It should be. Emma. Listen, Paris I watched the series and I didn't care about anybody or anything that was going on. I just enjoyed seeing the city. You want beautiful? Sure. So that was nice, You know? But just turn the sound off. Yeah, yeah, And, uh, most notably, Ted Lasso has 20 awards for first season. Really? Wow. 20 nominations in like for orders. Get Apple TV get it Several actors. Several of the actors have been nominated. I know Yes, and that's it for the new stuff this week, And if you haven't gotten to it yet, I would recommend the new season or if you've never seen it before all the seasons of AP by I'll on peacock. Oh, yes. Yes. I gotta gotta start watching that. Okay? Um, the the Ted Lasso is just about Almost every episode is just about perfect. I think. Yeah, so it's so genuine. And yet so strange at this time, I really enjoy it. It's just a great show. All right, Bill. Thank you very much. I can read you re bills. Call him in. Slug magazine. Slug mad.

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