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Yourself podcast from the dropdown menu in the how did you hear about a section this less than no I sent? It's time for the EMMY award winning debt. Does dudes myself got man gotta give love to the big uglies, deterrent? You you not not these dues on end is running back and receiver that gets all the credit. His debt dues dues. Thomas, starwood. Number three Bengals defensive end. Sam Hubbard I have a little man crush on his do right now. Hubbard squash the way he plays the game his physical talents. They jump off the screen. You can see right now. Hobart going against Colton Miller. Now, Colin Miller is having a good year. But based on news, he's not he is getting exposed. You can see right now wash this setup move is going on his angle he went out to end. So co two Miller is going to sit down I want you sit down Colton because you know, what's going to happen. Hubbert squashed you. And made you sit down lunch. Putt optus. Hey, not there look at the legs. And this is why level look at the legs and the hip turn. And look at that opens up gets all that he needs and turns a space. And gets to Derek Carr. Co two Miller first round draft choice. Now look at so great this year. Sam Hobart is. And that's our third debt do of the week this go with the Miami Dolphins number two defensive end. Robert quinn. This is quintessential I say we saw the dolphins lose like forty one seventeen. But Robert Quinn still got his and you could see as he had two tackles in the sec watch. He does going up there with the didn't move as we call that. And when he does a dent move. Oh. Oh, rally reef scum turned into some little chicken wings, instead of punching. He got caught out hands all wide chicken wing, and that's not good. And now you're going to see the arm and hand to hand combat. Look, you Robert Quinn turning this hips despite getting push by rally, reef, his hip turn. And then the hand combat knocked that restore knock that elbow off. So now, you can't push me terribly passed a quarterback. And then what downhill ski look at him skates right there. Shut up to the company. And now, you got my man Robbie looking like a big whale out there. Trying to save my quarterback though. It'll don't hit them too late. And now look at this. This is where the money's at both guys selling out for this play right here. And now Kirk cousins is seen ours because he realizes they pick up getting. Yes, they are sack. Four fumble. Robert Quinn second that dude the week he found Miami's only good place. Damn right. You would dig it to noble. One bears linebacker, y'all know Khalil Mack. This is a MAC back sack for real air Rogers. It's time to shut it down this year. You're getting back sacked out there while Khalil Mack. Unbelievable. Play right here. Let's start off with him. You see as loud as Chicago look at the crowd noise. Look at the office, align they're looking in on the ball. Swat problem important. You see right now he's gonna use that to his vantage. They both have to look at the ball clue match. Like, you're not going to get a jump on snap count. Like, I am. So now Khalil Mack comes up with a little stutter step. You see that Al Assad are right there. Oh, that's the manipulate office alarming and he's starting to gain speed. He's on his trip. Mill. He's picking up field thinking field. And then watch what happens. Oh my God. Did he stab him? Get him on one Larne with the one arm extension. And now he has that elbow. Oh, once you have that Alpo, you control the man to make him do the Humpty dance out there Dale can you watch yourself and now oh sounded a little limbo. But you know, what I'm a win this limbo get into my Steph curry position. And we all know what this looks like what does this sound like when you get into that position? Is they'll help me out. Oh. Gig back. Yeah. Hers Aaron others. Not mix is not impressed. He's like just a Lou MAC another sack that do number one of the week job..

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