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Is ongoing. It's deadly crash were hearing about on Aurora avenue north of seventy third. They're all lanes of Aurora avenue from keen way to north seventy fifth close with that investigation. If you're familiar with the area, this is near best cafe there. A west area of green lake the first call came in a little after five thirty this morning of three cars involved in that collision. Shadley one person died at that crash. One man also hurt he's been taken to Harborview in stable condition. Of course, we'll keep an eye on this with traffic every ten minutes on the fours. Meanwhile, in that same area, the search for the man who attacked a woman while she was jogging near green lake and Friday continues Seattle police have little to go on when it comes to a description of a suspect Saturday other runners in the area, tell us they were stunned to hear of what happened to Maria ball. She says a hooded man came from behind and. Grabbed her she felt a lot back elbowed the suspect and was able to escape also a neighbor nearby hearing screams Maria came to assist neighbor. Sadie attack is a wake up wake up. Call Phoebe Greenbaum lives near you. It's easy to think that this sort of thing what happened to you. What happens to a lot of people, and it happens to Seattle polices. They continue that investigation. If you haven't known anything, you're asked to call Seattle PD others. Good news for drivers in the south sound joint base Lewis mcchord opening backup. It's Lewis main liberty gate as Friday, which sits there off I five at exit one twenty according to J B L in about two hundred nine thousand people live on post making it the fourth largest base in the country JBL project manager saying June thirty thousand people drive in and out of that maingate daily. It's been a struggle as four months construction project did improve failing pavement lane alignment, the Louis main visitor's center parking area access control point appearance in a historic can't Lewis gate the visitor's center, by the way, also under construction reopened Saturday, and it's one of the busier exit ramps of I five in Seattle closed this weekend drivers running into a bit of a roadblock. It's a ramp there to west Seattle Colombian way in Spokane street closure is needed because of paving work actually, the closure scheduled through Monday morning. But if they happened. A finish early today. We'll let you know here. Again, reminder with traffic every ten minutes on the fours while is everybody was a husky stadium day in Washington huskies with the win against BYU. The coastguard was busy in the montlake cut. They had a response to transfer a woman the medics at the stadium dock there in a montlake area. A good Samaritan boater. Rescuing a nineteen year old woman we found out. Apparently, she fell into the water near the montlake cut and hit her head. We learn she has minor head injuries. Komo news time eight three. Aaa.

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