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With your free time during a pandemic? Two 17 year old seniors at chantilly high school developed a device that allows people with Parkinson's disease to be more mobile. There's so many people who have Parkinson's disease in the world currently, and it's only growing in the future. In fact, a concha Timberwolves great grandmother had the illness, so during the pandemic she teamed up with her longtime friend cavea cartha Cayenne and designed an automatic walker to help keep patients moving. Essentially, auto trans main focus is to ease stress on the muscles of Parkinson's patients. It does that by moving on its own sensing obstacles and reminding patients not to slide their feet, then while received by patients they say. Me and a concha, it's up to us to put it in the market and help these Parkinson's patients out. They also have a goal of patenting the idea. Mike Morello. The beginning of the school year typically means a battle over bedtime. Oh yes. To get kids prepared to go to sleep, they need to be well rested for school. Professors of sleep medicine at the university of Maryland school of medicine, Emerson wick wire tells WTO, some social activities should be avoided. Watching television or movies, particularly later into the evening, which over the summer might not be ideal, but the consequences aren't so great. But now that the school year starts again, we want to be very mindful of not doing things that encourage a later bedtime, even if those are generally positive things. Read more about student bedtimes and this week's school zone that WTO dot com a new army survey finds soldiers and their families aren't happy with military housing, federal news networks, Scott marcion has more. The army saw a drop in satisfaction with residents of its government owned and government least housing this year, privatized military housing satisfaction scores dropped nearly two points compared to last year with an overall rating of 74 out of 100. Army owned housing dropped about half a satisfaction point with an overall score of 72. The army is currently investing billions of dollars to improve its barracks and on base housing, the military is a whole still reckoning with privatized housing scandals that left service members in substandard living conditions. Scott marioni, federal news network. Check of sports on the way as we get sent for a big college football weekend. That's next. Ten 43. Highs, Jonathan cotton, and you know what people buy when they come to the good feet store, arch supports, of course, you might say. Yet what we have found is that customers are really buying hope. Hope that they can address foot knee or back pain without surgery or prescriptions. Hope that they can work along shift without thinking about their feet or hope that they can run that ten K, take that trip to Italy or

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