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CBS news military consultant Jeff McCaslin this is about patriotism it's not about nationalism and toilet Emerica military does need to swagger they know they're the best military around there has been no accounting of what the event will cost the National Park Service is diverting a couple million dollars to pay for some of it it costs tens of thousands in our for military flyovers CBS news update I'm ready to let Michigan congressman Justin Amash says he's leaving the Republican Party and president trump says it's great news for the Republican Party the president tweeted that Ammash's one of the dumbest in most disloyal men in Congress and that he couldn't get the nomination to run again in the great state of Michigan Amash said he's declaring his independence in rejecting partisan loyalties he argues that partisan rhetoric is dividing and de humanizing the nation and that there can be something better than the two party system today is a day to celebrate America's independence from many that celebration includes alcohol in July is one of the worst times of the year when it comes to drunk driving but as ABC's Pete combs reports Georgia may have found a solution actional highway traffic safety administration reports more people die in do you why crashes in July than in any other month of the year but Allen pool at the governor's office of highway safety says July highway does in Georgia are on the decline thanks to ride shares like uber and lift that has helped a lot as stateroom the country set of July fourth do you why checkpoints Georgia reports only one do you why fertility this time last year and that was down from six the year before he calms ABC news Atlanta its follow eight let's get some business news from Bloomberg it has been a tough year for America's farmers wet weather in the Midwest has stunted existing crop think of farmers from planting new ones U. S. trying to trade tensions have wait on crop sales and Kansas city fed says lending to farmers has dried up Ernie Gosta professor of business at Omaha Creighton University says of the Midwest it's not growing economically like the rest of the country department of there's never a good time of course for flooding but this was a specially bad time for flooding with the great issues going on between the US and China Farmington last year with about half of the one hundred twenty three billion dollars they on June twenty thirteen but farmers to make it through this year do you have something going for them next year the price of corn has surged and god says one thing farmers are good at is hoping for the best there is Italy some optimism and farmers are optimistic with the bankers are also optimistic and hopeful hopefully we'll see an outcome this positive corny Donahoe Bloomberg business on WBZ Boston's newsradio it's twelve OO nine the red Sox will try to get back on the winning track against Toronto tonight we have sports coming up is your driveway or parking lot looking worn out call the experts at Xcel paving the professional staff will insure the job is done right in on time no matter how big or small the job call excel paving for a free estimate at nine seven eight seven six two.

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