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Look at look at god come all the was the instant love or did you have any anger or resentment. How does that own. No no anger no raise our curious one thousand small. That's a small small town. How did she being a very popular person. An educator how do they get down to miami florida for a period of time for her to have us and she waited. She didn't just give us anybody to her credit. She waited to find the right person. Said i want you to have my sons. And then she went back and she never told anybody. So i and my brother we were secret while is thank all light. When country's secrets be different on the down down. South d'oro segers boy everywhere. I we have more with less and john. Leslie brennan when we come back. Is the breakfast club good morning. Everybody is. tj envy. Angela ye shall. I mean the guy we ought to. Breakfast club was kicking with motivational speakers. Less john leslie brown shlomi do. Do you feel pressure following your dad's footsteps not pressure. I feel first of all. I feel like i hit the parent jackpot. I so many young men don't have their fathers in their lives and my grandmother. Mrs mamie brown when dj envy talked about. What would dad might have been doing back in the day. May me brown beat some sense center less that. She made sure that he was hanging out with gangs in the neighborhood. My grandmother who adopted seven children. Who weren't they weren't her own. Her dream was to be a mother and as a mother. She wanted to do everything to keep them safe. And i because actually on a nineteen ninety-three mrs mamie brown. She passed away on my birthday from breast cancer. And it was the first time. Charlemagne that i ever saw my dad cry He held her hand as she took her last breath. And i was disturbing ten years ago. You know going into double digits. So i was learning from the adults around me how to be sad for the first time but a couple of days later during the funeral they asked if anyone wanted to get up and share stories about mrs mamie brown and there for the first time. I gave a speech about my grandmother. Hours shocked up. i have walked off whereas do afterwards. My dad lifted me with hopeful. Is they probably have some dollar signs in them too. He said son. There's greatness in you. There's a calling on your life. Your voice will carry the torch to the next generation next week. I was on tour introducing less brown. By the time i was fourteen. I was the highest paid team speaker in america so my dad didn't just sit me in the classroom. He sat me next to him in the board rooms. So that i can have access and exposure to create a better life for or paying you back there now. Oh i had to earn my stripes. So he did it. He earned but yes. By the time i was fourteen after just introducing him mastering little short speeches with him. I got my first requests in by fourteen. I was making twenty five hundred dollars an hour. Nice our our harvard effect. Yes the harvard offense. Give it all twenty two. Well he was making seventy thousand hours so he didn't even states two hundred twenty five thousand outside your outside. Wow and was asked about this book. Actually when i was a teenager. Because i had an audience. I was on punishment for now writing a book. That's the different level of standards is because that new business and he knew. I had an audience so many years later we had an opportunity to request to speak at harvard university. And this was a big deal for me. Dad's moment was in the georgia dome. Speaking before eight thousand people at what mine was at harvard university. And i was working to find out. How do you make a an a message relevant for this audience and the one thing that really stood out to me was a story about my dad working with The the microsoft and after the speech they said. Hey we heard you talking about your tannin. Twenty your goals mr brown. That's cute but we want to show you something. Took him in the back. Room pulled up a screen and said this is where our family will be. En- technology a hundred years from now. There was humbling. And so when you look at families that create massive wealth generational wealth. And as you know. Seventy percent of wealth has gone by the second generation and over ninety by the third generation. I say if. It's good enough for the the the gates family and toyota an amazon if they need hundred plans how can we create that in our community so that you don't just live your life. Take all your resources with you but you leave something behind for the next generation. Yes and so that we're doing now is i. I would say you are was future. Children there is no success as td jakes without successors and so their their experiences. That of i've had that they're people being pushed up and people being pushed off. I believe even at seventy seven. You'd never too old to learn. And you're never too young to teach in so i learned from you. I i watch you i. i've. I've seen some cared his come up at here. Those one brother. I wanted to take give out because i you know i. It was very very disrespect overman. Not calling name. Because i'm seventy. I got a good right but i can't fight in his defense he would would would. I might may have said about him. Could have been taken a disrespectful to. I understand yet but when things go wrong with and make a decision on the side of love rather than on the side of anger it you can get angry easily when anger is a wind that blows out the lamp of the mind. Can you motivate an unmotivated person. Yes conduct communications intelligence. Ask questions find out there. Sweets bought find out. What's keeping them up at night. And so i would tom that person the find out what drives them. What is it that they have something that they're interested in. And once i find that out. I wanna find out. When did they lose their voice. When when when is it that they lost their fire will all born. Please believe this with built in greatness but something happened that impacted us that we never found a way. Never got the help from somebody that can take us to a place in ourselves that we can't go by ourselves. The help us deal with it. So we can get past Because i believe that. All of us are reachable teachable and redeemable and all they need somebody with a caring heart. That will be patient enough to bring it out. Who less brown. I was word smart. And thank you sir. John thank you very much. Tell him to contact your man. Well you go ahead john lewis. Yes you could go to. Hungary to speak dot com and hungry to speak dot com. That's the best way to work with les brown in our community of speed speakers who are transforming the next generation. My dad's very passionate about helping people get their voices out there and they can also reach out at less brown at hungry to speak dot com. Reach out to us a little.

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