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Safety interview I'm back in the day I used interview Reggie white once a week that's my guy I used to I used to talk my guy Reggie ever we here we did Reggie white and then I did Terrell Buckley I did a book I did two Bucks corner and so I went to Green Bay a couple times to do those things but never never been to a Packer game. ever been to Lambeau field in M. my goodness every time the Broncos have been there I've tried to wiggle my way into a trip and it's just it's just never worked out just never worked out yet you know what's interesting is I dig into a little bit of the Packers and the comparison between the Packers and the Broncos. backs are probably you know when you talk about the Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers is that guy he is that guy he's been a gap for a long time after two games. after two games Aaron Rodgers is forty of sixty four. four hundred and twelve yards and three touchdowns. Joe Flacco is fifty five for eighty one five hundred and eighty yards two touchdowns and one pick. not a lot of difference there. no it if you're if you're looking for a reaction out of me I think the world of Joe Flacco I'm I'm you get. I think the world of Joe Flacco. I'm just happy that he's he's here in Denver and when we can make some plays on defense to match what they're doing on offense we're going to be good. gonna be good can we scored thirty plus points a game yes yes we can but we have to have the right play call we have to have the right set of circumstances that gives us a chance to press the ball down the field we got a we don't we can we can't be one of those teams that is saying to the rest of the NFL were five out. we're not that good. we're not that good we have a back up right tackle planning efforts one James will play great last weekend and we have a left tackle struggling. you cannot have five out in the route with those kind of situations. so don't do it and protect and it's going to be three in a row out sometime to win the route and those guys that are are are. black interior release late into the route as a dump off guys but we're not we we should never be a five out to me. do you feel I mean do you feel good about do you feel good about what. the chances are in this game for the Denver Broncos because look you you see the point spread right now is a little less than a touchdown it's not a good seven and a half now is it seven and a half now yeah okay here's which I I would expect when you're going into a hostile environment I know way game and you started the season I want to I would expect that to happen both teams average in the same amount of points. they're both averaging fifteen points so far in the two games of the season. Broncos have faced a two tough teams getting into this game against Green Bay. I actually don't feel as as. I feel a little bit better about them going into Green Bay in playing the Packers and I do it what they did against the Chicago Bears yeah I mean the last time we saw the Packers we played in my home yeah that was a great game for us it was a twenty nine ten game and we may Aaron Rodgers look no less than average ME Aaron Rodgers had one of his worst game the last time the Broncos and the and the and the the Broncos and the Packers played each other Brett Farr was at twenty two attempts with fourteen completions for seventy seven yards for a average of three point five yards a pass okay and he was sacked three times and he had a quarterback rating of sixty nine point seven that's the last time the Broncos played the Green Bay Packers in Denver there was also a Superbowl year and Peyton manning was only other sat where he was twenty one of twenty nine for three hundred and forty yards eleven point seven per per catch he had no touchdowns in a game an interception about a quarterback rating of ninety six point nine. and you know it was it was it was a day that we really held things down the the second leading rusher for the Green Bay Packers was Aaron Rodgers who took off running twice for thirty one yards that help their average but I remember that gain CJ Anderson had a blow out gave me Raffles four hundred and one yards on fourteen attempts Ronnie Hillman even had a solid game with nineteen attempts for sixty yards and that would between those two guys they had three touchdowns so. I remember the game it's not like they're unbeatable but the quarterback is the same guy that can be Superman you can also be you know just a normal person out there who could be a normal struggling quarterback and certainly nobody would think that. Aaron Rodgers couldn't plate after having a day against the Broncos as fourteen to twenty two with seventy seven yards but the one difference in that game. the real difference in that game. was way Phillips. Wade Phillips never let Aaron Rodgers get comfortable he kept bringing he can help bring in the help bring in heat it was just an amazing game plan and he put Chris Harris and the key to leave out there and that's of course the market we're gonna have to ask ourselves is Isaac yeah I'm ready to go out there and play man to man like a key to lead it or do we have to go ahead make a change there. it's a big question mark. our country needs stories that's coming up next it's big gala judge on the voice of Colorado K. away. we got ourselves prejudice got clearly felt by seventy eight your two.

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