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Candlelight vigil st louis city and county murder victims on sunday culpepper read the names of two hundred twenty four people murdered in 2017 remember that there i could pick number that those numbers they have family and she said that our goal is to make sure that those who were killed or not forgotten for at least the third time in a month south st louis bar was robbed on saturday this time it ended in a shootout between amassed sons suspect in the older three people were wounded in reds eighth inning in michigan and holly hills other holdups were at the took tucked tavern them arkansas friday night rallies pub on arkansas couple of weeks ago attorney to your weather forecast four today look four mostly cold conditions high only reaching ten degrees despite the sunshine and by tuesday mostly sunny sunny still very cold and a high of seventeen degrees looking ahead to wednesday and warm up just a bit not as cold more sun and clouds and a high of twenty three degrees i brett bloom kmox news yeah and hides ryan wrecker wish knew a very happy new you're listening to the best of overnight america we'll be back again tomorrow night kmox blooming pretty good one to standard overnight miracle bent normally i get a ranking you'd like they do in the olympics when there's a diving competition or something like that and the judges sit there and they put their score up for everyone to see our producer mike anderson will do the exact same thing judging how the opening of the show goes in it's a scale of one to ten today was what number was at out as easy as sex didn't nail the landing the couple of things i saw trimming online caught up to you get in to things that are randomly posted online i this is what the internet was made for internet was made for lady me know if the office may make a revival one of the greatest television shows ever now there's been rumors of this for a long time in my wife is probably watch the series ten times over 'cause you watch as it from start to finish that starts over start to finish it's like a dog chase in there to illness a.

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