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The Palo Alto humane society is launching its therapy. Pause program. KCBS is Margie Schaefer reports from Palo Alto that the special dogs have visited colleges senior centers and several tech companies to try and help people distress. The therapy ponds program is the brainchild of Arlene. Eski VS, what began as a final project in college has been brought to the Palo Alto humane society six dogs, and their owners, including ski has poodle many, visit schools senior homes, and tech companies many actually trained to be therapy dog could most of these dogs are trained by their own owners. They just have to have that personality. That's great eater that they're friendly. And then. Of course, needs to be owners education manager for the Palo Alto. Humane society Lenore Delgado says the team recently paid a visit to hiring service. Eightfold a I actually sat with them when they were working. I mean there were so pressure for what the actor they had work in the dogs were sitting there. And they were petting the dog at the same time, and I think it was really good distress research has shown interaction with animals can decrease levels of cortisol and lower blood pressure in Palo Alto, Margie, Schaefer, KCBI kind of seems like magic you use your credit card of one of those square payment terminals, and almost before you're done, drink, and the coffee, the receipts arrived in the Email, except sometimes somebody else gets the Email, the Wall Street Journal reports today that scene numerous cases where square receipts wound up in the wrong persons in everything from that Cup of coffee. Two in one case visit to the obsta Trish in exactly how this happens seems a bit unclear squared. Did tell the Wall Street Journal that in one case it reviewed the misdirected Email. Address had been used to get a receipt during an earlier square transaction at a different vendor. Those emailed receipts may seem like a plus for consumers..

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