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Sometime between midnight and 8 a .m. Bowen was pronounced dead at the scene. Anyone who may have witnessed this crash or can identify the vehicle involved is asked to contact the Maryland State La Barrick. School leaders across our area are scrambling to fill vacancies before the first day of school. In Arlington, according to Superintendent Francisco Duran, have 68 teacher At Thursday's board meeting he he said, so I'm encouraged with the progress that we are in a better place at this point than we had been in previous years. He allowed vowed to make sure every classroom has a licensed teacher in it this fall. Nearby Fairfax County Public Schools recently held a job as fair did Prince George's County in Maryland to help fill their vacancies. And back in Arlington, we'll be happy until it's 100 % fully but feel confident that we'll be working towards getting that so all of our schools can be over. filled. Scott Gellman, WTOP News. It seems doctors are on TV all the time I'm talking about any number of various medical issues and breakthroughs. But if you're not a doctor, how often do you understand everything that they're saying? Doctors learn a whole lot in medical school but communication doesn't get much emphasis. It's a really missed opportunity. Dr. Idina Wise is a neurologist at Mount Sinai Beth Israel in New York, and she says the debates and discussions during the pandemic proved doctors need to do better at being easily understood. What physicians should be doing for the public at large is communicating essentially at a fifth grade reading level and the reason for that is so that he's missed. Adding to their troubles, doctors are under a ton of pressure to see you know as many patients as they can. And since that puts face time with a patient at a premium, she says it's all the to more make reason sure doctors what need they're saying is easily understood. John Dome in WTOP News. The average gas price jumped 23 cents over the last two weeks to $3 .90 a gallon for a regular grade according to industry analyst Trilby Lundberg of the Lundberg survey. Lundberg shares which U .S. cities had the lowest and highest gas prices. Jackson, Mississippi is the low at $3 3 .31 and the highest Seattle at $5 .09. Between those Baltimore is $3 .77, Albuquerque is $3 .83 and Chicago $4 .38. Sports at 25 and 55. Powered by Red River. Technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. Here's Frank Hanrahan. Nationals head to Philadelphia. Winners now at four straight. They win another series. This time it's Cincinnati six three the final CJ Abrams solo Homer Lane Thomas a double and a homer as well as the Nationals got a

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