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Ron on the same court at the top of the hour about an hour away the Lakers curry that five game winning streak into their matchup with the pelicans they play twice this season if and former delegate at the Davis averaging over forty three game against ex team mate Kendrick Perkins on the new dynamic duo with his old town the broad save the data bases of the world this call the bride secure login or something they are unstoppable those who died the day to do all this noise talking tomorrow yeah the Los Angeles Clippers they got doll what's the what's the latest on the dollar they got a lot of them abroad say they got a five minute did they did they got up there in the White House and they got a few he was over the and they got the best record in the Western Conference and tying the score at least twenty others last eight games without a roof to break at Scotiabank arena box winners of seventeen of nineteen rafters winners of seventeen of eighteen if the runner up if the feud up fifty seven sevens out of these two more weeks the Sixers nerve issues in that lower back college basketball largest halftime lead season for second ranked Baylor and the kids the fifty to twenty forty game on ESPN plus finals in its report dated nineteen from all the top and topping George Mason sixty two to fifty five number eight Kentucky game on ESPN seven Texas a and M. sixty nine to sixty Duke up seventy three to sixty six at Wake Forest there's under four to go that one big time the Yankees losing we separate offices all this talk of the quarterback carousel how many free agent quarterbacks will be a new location starting next year over here three that more winds will change weekdays at three eastern ESPN radio ESPN app and ESPN when the bears drafted Stan Thomas member the offense of linemen first round pick right after the Super Bowl sure talking eighty six strapped with what you're asking but I'm just saying I'm giving you yeah I was born in eighty five so I don't know what I'm saying we have that dedicated to memory cap thank you something.

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