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A man in the back during a foot chase in north beach earlier this month shot and killed a teenager in a separate incident six years ago qaeda jeremy siegel reports officer joshua could be oh fatally shot fifteen year old derek gains in two thousand twelve when he was working as a south san francisco police officer the san mateo county district attorney's office said that gaines had pulled a gun and found the shooting was legally justified south san francisco settled a civil rights lawsuit stemming from the shooting for a quarter million dollars in his five years with the sf pd could be a was the subject of two additional lawsuits one filed by the in two thousand fifteen alleged that he and two other officers wrongfully beat a young black man another claim that he and another officer wrongfully injured a man both lawsuits were settled in two thousand sixteen could be remains on administrative leave i'm jeremy siegel khaki renews a contentious napa county ballot measure that would have limited vineyard expansion into the region's oak woodlands is expected to fail by less than two percentage points according to the santa rosa press democrat supporters of measure c who say cutting oak trees reduces groundwater levels and threatens waterquality have conceded defeat the initiative drew fierce opposition from vineyard owners who say the measure wasn't based on evidence and would hurt nafta's agricultural community at last check measure see trailed by six hundred thirty two votes with just over seventeen hundred ballots left to be counted the final count is expected to be certified later this month i'm brian watt kqed news support comes from san jose international airport.

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