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<music> <music> from the american museum of natural history graffiti. My interview with musical parody artist weird weird al yankovic and he had a question for me about the universe. Check it out well. I'm kind of curious. I know that there's different schools of thought among after physicists and cosmologists but i'm just wondering what your opinion is on how the universe is going to end. Do you think is is going to be do you think that the expansion is going to slow down and go back to a singularity and maybe we have a big crunch start over again. Do you think there's going to be a big freeze where the absolute temperature is going to zero. Do you think you think the forces of expanding outweighed the gravitational field and everything get ripped apart on a molecular level or at top level what do you i got money on this. I wanted to thank vegas. So do you want the the answer. I the worst answer or the worst answer gosh. Let's let's go bad bad bad okay so the bad answer is all evidence says we aren't a one way expansion trip. We're expanding faster than the collective gravity. Everything in the universe can possibly slow us down to reverse so it's a one way trip and in that one way trip temperature the universe will drop to absolute zero asymptotically so not only does it become large it becomes empty because matter becomes more and more separated and becomes uh-huh cold and as i say the universal end not with a bang with a whimper not in fire but in ice yeah kind of a spoiler alert by the way the clip that there was a bad answer or worse answer the baddest answer ever vote. Was that the baddest answer all right. There's some hypotheses that the expansion of the universe will become so accelerated that the very capacity of the space time continuum to stretch will become compromised compromised and no longer will space-time stretch it will tear her and we have no idea what would happened after that a tear in the fabric of space wrinkle. We're because the wrinkled you iron them out if they tear. It's a wardrobe malfunction so are star trek fans every show we solicit questions that they might have about about a topic that we discussed and they've got questions about the end of the universe themselves so that means it's time for cosmic queries so who can read questions from the internet we haven't seen them. I got my man charles here to answer every question because he's geeky nerdier than i am but i might be able to add caller commentary to it so i'm going to be the voice of your voiceless fans that sammy forever on twitter asks how'd how'd you planets and and if the plant's our solar system ended in some way how would it affect us because it's about us on earth. Oh okay charles. Let me get this. Okay okay in five billion years. The sun will expand stupendous -ly so large that it will engulf the orbits orbits of mercury and venus and its surface will become so near to earth that earth's oceans will come to a rolling boil and evaporate into the atmosphere and the atmosphere will evaporate into space and the ember that was once a haven for life descends into the crucible that is the center of the sun as we favor is kevin nice day so that's what would happen to us. Okay thank. He doesn't really matter because we're gonna evaporate. Every vicki richards from facebook asks do black holes and or are they in eternally crushing matter and light with their gravity. Does the ever stop trump. Yes it ends black holes evaporate through quantum mechanical process named after stephen hawking. It's called hawking radiation. He i came up with a long time ago but it will take a really really long time so as you heard from near five billion years from now our son will die and our earth will die with it but you know how long it will take a black hole. A google years ten under the hundred power years google spelled correctly g. o. g. o. l. before i read the next query are any of your scientific scientific answers dark and deadly because that free and burned today one black mike all wherever you want your vaporize that's worse than just simply evaporating always better..

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