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Newsradio. Colorado's news, traffic and weather station. Still a lot of moisture moving its way through so rain and drizzle this morning mix in with that fog then in the middle of the day today, we have a shot a parting shot of cold air from this system. So I'll rain snow chance mixed together. Little to no accumulation hide. It should be run forty. And then the cold night is going to be tonight. I think we're going to get a little bit clearing low tonight should drop down to twenty five. In fact, Denver and northeastern Colorado has freeze warning tonight into tomorrow morning, and we could get a little more rain mixed with snow, maybe less than a half inch of accumulation from CBS four I'm meteorologist Dave Angula on KOA NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM thirty-five right now, some fog and clouds in wet conditions as well. Now on Colorado's morning news while we are cranking up the heat a bit more today. The cold wet morning is also a sign that snow sports season is not that far away. KOA? Newsradio is Connor shreve. Join us live with the latest on this last season mardi a base and opened on the thirteenth Loveland on the twentieth. It's feeling more like the ski. Season in the mountains now with about three inches of new snow near Breckenridge level, marketing director, John sellers says it feels like snow making weather help lay down a base for the natural snow that's expected to start piling up. More cold temperatures is going to be a great week for us for snow making getting ready for opening day. Typically, it does take about two weeks to get full snow coverage on that opening day. Run remember prices for some ski passes around the state go up tomorrow. Reporting live, Connor shreve. KOA NewsRadio thanks cutter. And while we're talking about snow in winter like conditions up here the hurricane season pushes on his hurricane. Michael now, strengthening to a category two storm or gain Michael pose a deadly threat, and as it grows stronger, we can expect it to make landfall as a major category. Three storm on Wednesday along the Gulf Coast at Florida governor, Rick Scott, forecasters think it will hit near Panama City.

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