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I feel like pretty strongly that he is like a I think I think he is like a genius. But not when I say that people pull up the Lear IX, and they'll be like, well, okay. She suck on my dick like a tick like, you know, what I'm saying. Which is a bar after. But I mean, it may not be just him as genius. But but his music is I got him as like the Jackson Pollock of hip hop. Like, you know, like he'll just like Jacksonville. You just throws the paint. And it comes out the sort of masterpiece that some people think is really fucking stupid. And there's this amazing work of art like the way that he works like so simplistically like just with just with the flows and the production is fucking insane on his songs. The bee's are mazing. Like, I think he I think he's dope. And I think he's inspiring a lot in hip hop, even though he's not profound or anything. But he I think sonically production by kind of pretty experimental. And I always find it really interesting. And I didn't even like when I first heard that dump that much like I was like, okay, I kind of fog, shoot, whatever. But I was I keep listening to it's still really addicting listen to. So I always feel like the the most. Innovative shit is the shit that you hear at first. And you're like, I shouldn't like this. But I do I soon as you like, but I kinda wanna keep listening to it. That's when I think it's it's for the future. Like, it's gonna weird thing. But the internet is that people are so married to their first impression comes out. Listen to a one time this should is trash or this should is a classic. When in reality that Mary's you to that opinion. And it's like, you know, like when I think about diet like I listened to and I came out. I was kind of whatever we'll on it. And then to be honest. I really haven't given it. The re listens that probably deserves because it didn't like media catch my eye. And the thing that's making me feel like I should just listen to a few more times is the fact that everybody keeps talking about some much kind of weird. I think just the fact this become such provocative like conversation starter. Like there's something like in there. But I think it totally right with the first like one of the songs on my line. I hope I I hope my first impression wasn't the last like. If people's first impression of me like like, oh, we can talk about the Kassai insecure shit..

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