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Eighty nine percent of Republicans have introduced their most ambitious policing reform plan in years A. B. Washington correspondent saga Madani has more the justice act includes an enhanced use of force database chokehold restrictions and new panels to study law enforcement and race the Senate's lone black Republican Tim Scott led the group putting it together this package speaks very clearly to the young person who's concerned when he stopped by the law enforcement officers we see you saying the nation can both support police and the people of color Senate chief Mitch McConnell's challenging Democrats to support the effort but but already leader Chuck Schumer says the GOP hasn't gone far enough the Senate Republican proposal on policing does not rise to the moment saying it provides far less police accountability than the house Democrats more sweeping police reform bill Sager mag ani Washington the house Judiciary Committee is holding a markup hearing on its police bill George Floyd's brother feel unease Floyd addressed members of the U. N. human rights commission telling the panel that protesters in the U. S. have been injured and killed as they demonstrated against his brother's killing several people allows us as suffer brain damage to rubble but it's protesters were shot and killed by police journalist what pain yeah but I did want to try to save the world the brutality happening if the penalty is the forty seven member council is also discussing a draft resolution floated by the Africa group that singles out the United States the text calls for a commission of enquiring to examine and report on systemic racism and abuses against Africans and people of African descent in the U. S. and beyond in early afternoon trading the Dow has gained just six points while the nasdaq is up eighty three S. and P. is up eight this is a P. news a federal appeals court says the trump administration does not have the legal authority to force drug companies disclose their prices in their TV ads president trump has been pushing for transparency in prescription drug prices citizens deserve to know the lowest price available at our pharmacy is drug companies complain disclosing prices violates free speech rights the ruling said the administration overstepped its legal authority by requiring disclosure under the umbrella of its stewardship of Medicare and Medicaid health and Human Services spokesman Michael Caputo tweeted if the drug companies are embarrassed by their prices or afraid the prices will scare patients away they should lower them at Donahue Washington a former CEO of bumble bee foods has been sentenced to more than three years in jail for his role in a canned tuna price fixing conspiracy that involved three major companies Christopher let you ski has also been ordered to pay one hundred thousand dollars in fines I'm to acquire AP news.

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