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A low prices on your lines page it has its Abattis Serb Levin presidents in the White House starting as a cleaner passed away after contracting the coronavirus Wilson Roosevelt German died of cold it last Saturday at the age of ninety one according to his family he started at the White House under president Eisenhower was promoted to Butler under president Kennedy held other positions along the way finally retiring under president Obama tributes poured in former First Lady Michelle Obama said with his kindness in care Wilson German help to make the White House home for decades the first families including ours Hillary Clinton tweeted our warmest condolences to his loved ones I'm Julie Walker Joe Biden is one of the presidential primary to why the results were announced Saturday the party run primary was delayed by more than a month because of the corona virus in person voting was canceled an additional ballots were sent out for an all mail voting system this is town hall dot com the negative side of re opening businesses during the pandemic health officials say a Springfield Missouri hairstylist may have infected nearly ninety customers and seven colleagues at a local great clips store after coming to work while sick with symptoms and while both the stylist and customers wore masks they've now been asked to self isolate as a precaution their culture came to work between may eighth and twelfth after reportedly traveling to a high intensity area of the state and through records kept by the salon contact tracers were able to identify the customer's brand roster reporting the Taliban Afghanistan's president announced late Saturday at three day cease fire ahead of a major Islamic holiday that begins Sunday to mark the end of the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan the Taliban order was soon followed by an announcement by Twitter from Afghan president Ashraf Ghani announcing the government extends the.

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