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To the weather this Thursday morning December 15th and how it could impact your early morning rush as you rise this early morning with WTO sleep and freezing rain parts of the area already beginning to roll in. Let's go live now to Mike stenner from storm team four for an update this early hour. Good morning, dean. Storm team fall radar showing rain freezing rain and sleep phone air across much of the region the precipitation is moderate to heavy at times. And we are seeing temperatures at or below freezing across the northern and western suburbs. Gotta give some reports of some icy conditions in I 66 as far east as manassas. It's quite icy from front royal all the way around the gamesville area. Route three 40 for front royal through Harper's ferry and all the way to the Frederick Maryland area. Can we report some slick roadways? Two 70 and I 70 temperatures here have fallen to freezing rope temperatures are also dear phrases to do watch out for slick spots here. And we've had some reports of some sleep. South the beltway along I 95. So a mix of freezing rain and rain for the next several hours. I'll turn it over to all rain from east to west by mid to late morning. This is going to be mainly a rain event east of I 95, but slick spots could be a problem for the next several hours. Later today, rain with pockets of some freezing rain near the Pennsylvania border. Rain heavy at times, highs up authorities to mid 40s, regular taper off and end tonight lows mid 30s 1140 so we'll stay above freezing, not a rephrase and tomorrow turning partly sunny and breezy with highs in the mid to upper 40s. Frederick reporting some slate 32° unless airport reigned 34 and then D, we have a temperature of 36 orega national. All right, thanks Mike, as always, live with storm team force Mike stenner Ford's with traffic and whether all the 8s updating you on our first wintry mix for the season coming through. This check brought to you this morning on WTO feed by dulles glass for all your glass mirror and shallower door needs visit

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