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With his seniors breaking apart. Thunder road looking at the imagery look into lyrics. Talk about it and at the end of the two days he asks his class. Does mary get in a car at the end of thunder roads. So gary that's your. That's the only homework. I give to someone normally so and it's very funny. I have a. I have a lady. That's gonna join me a couple of weeks and she emailed back like does it. Have to be a bruce long and this is my stick you know. I asked this question to everyone. So gary so i've heard thunder road many times before we got a good song. That's always still get radio play if you're listening to classic rock stations I know having looked at lists over the years that even beyond just being one of his best songs that it's thought of very very highly in terms of roxanne's general forever. Yeah and that is the way. It's written dave offenburg and i think tim cowlishaw were on the ticket. Saying born to run is his greatest song. And i can't remember which one said why think thunder road may have something to say about that. I mean you know so yeah yes absolutely it is considered an icon. But now having said that. Yeah i've never really paid attention to the lyrics. Lots and lots and lots of the music. That i listen to. I just listen. And i enjoy it or i don't right okay but i used to do what you're talking about with the The teacher i had a teacher in high school that we used to do that. every day somebody would bring in a song she would play it for the class and then we would all take notes while the song was going on we did have lyrics to go off of we take notes while the song's going on and we would all right about what song kind of meant and so we were. We were doing that kind of breakdown. When i was in high school so i know i know teachers that do that kind of thing and i always had a lot of fun doing it. I would love that. I done this with this song and unfortunately because my meeting ran long today generally speaking. I'm done around three thirty four. And then i'm online until maybe five or six In case anybody in reno needs anything. But i'm not really doing much and so i fully intended to break this thing down. Listen to it. Look at the swallowed listening and i only got to go through it twice. Okay so these are very rudimentary notes. But the first thing that i noticed. And i know i'll say i want to preface this by saying what i'm going to say i think seems pretty obvious but.

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