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Sports at 15 and 45 powered by maximus. Moving people and technology forward. It's 1245, what do you say, George Wallace? I say Jacques van is the new head coach the Brooklyn Nets. That's what I say well actually the nets say it officially as well. He was named acting head coach on November 1st when Steve Nash parted ways and he's been an assistant with them since 2016. There had been plenty of rumors that they were going to hire email away from the Boston Celtics, but they are not doing that. They're taking the interim tag off Jacque Vaughn and he is the new head coach in Brooklyn, the capital's penguins tonight from Capital One arena as Washington 6 and 6 on the year 14 points, caps towards the bottom of the metropolitan, but the penguins four points below them. It'll be Darcy Kemper tonight at goal as the caps and penguins 7 30 start from Capital One arena college football new top four this week looks like this, Georgia Ohio State Michigan and TCU. Tiger Woods says he will return next month and play in the hero world challenge December 1st through the fourth has not played since the open championship back in July when he missed the cut. So he will return next month. World Cup rosters announced today as the World Cup begins. On November 21st, we'll find out the U.S. roster coming up later in Washington, wrapping up a short practice in Ashburn today as they get set for the eagles coming up Monday night. We'll get an update on chase young tomorrow and if he's progressing towards planes George Wallace WTO sports. Here are the top stories we're following for you on WTO, Virginia governor Glenn youngkin sent a handwritten apology to House speaker Nancy Pelosi postmarked November 1st, expressing regret for his much derided comments about the hammer attack on Pelosi's husband, Paul, the Republican had said voters should send the speaker back to California to be with him. Intense fighting and shelling hit Ukrainian towns and villages today at least 9 civilians were killed. Ukraine's president says the attacks focused on 8 regions in the country's southeast and included explosive drones. Russia's war as well within well into rather, it's 8th month. Meantime in prison WNBA superstar Brittany griner has been transferred to a Russian labor camp. The 32 year old will serve the remainder of her 9 year sentence for drug smuggling in a place where according to a U.S. State Department report last year, authorities systematically tortured inmates in some cases resulting in death or suicide. It's a familiar world to masha Ali oh hena, a member of the feminist protest group pussy riot, who spent nearly two years in a labor camp for protesting against president Vladimir Putin. I never seen anyone who doesn't speak Russian inside the system. I have no idea how she will be. It's quite tough experience. Ian Lee, CBS News. Coming up in money news. Catching up with Netflix, I'm Jeff claywell. It's 1248. Traffic

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