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News. Meanwhile, the federal government warning the threats of political violence will likely intensify against state leaders and judges following the Supreme Court decision. This is something they were prepared for. There was a meeting. And all of the stakeholders had something to say about it, but I'm pretty sure that they were all talking about the same thing. And that was whether or not there would be significant violence. We saw the president call for people to stay calm and for there not to be violence, but we are reminded that DHS sort of suggested that they knew something was coming. They said, on June 7th, in a national terrorism advisory bulletin quote in the coming months, we expect the threat environment to become more dynamic as several high profile events could be exploited to justify acts of violence against a range of possible targets and this decision being announced was one of those events. That is WTO's national security correspondent JJ green. The protester on the Frederick Douglas bridge finally coming down, climbed the bridge around 10 o'clock Friday morning after the high court's decision, refusing to move. Officials finally convinced him to come down. He's not getting medical attention. D.C. police telling WTO the man is in custody and they plan to charge him, but the specific charges are unclear. The bridge reopened, he tweeted, though, this morning that he can't sit by while his daughter's rights are being stripped away. That same man used a chain in bike lock to attach himself to the fence outside the Supreme Court earlier this month. And police and Prince William county say they have arrested a man, accused of sexually assaulting a grocery store worker in manassas. They say 31 year old Michael Earl Alexander arrested and charged with several sex crimes, including addition exposure and Epstein, sexual display. It happened at the food Lion on holy road in manassas. Prince William county police say a man followed an employee around the store and then left the fluid on the woman's pants yesterday morning. He was also seen exposing himself on surveillance video. It's being investigated as a sexual assault. John Aaron WTO P news. Alexander tonight is being held without bond. It started as an argument over a rented scooter in D.C.'s Logan circle neighborhood, it ended with a mother and child being shot. 27 year old Anthony bedni of D.C. has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for the shooting that happened in May of last year. He pleaded guilty to charges, including assault with intent to kill with a dangerous weapon. According to the prosecutor's evidence, bettany had parked a rented scooter in a bike lane on tenth street northwest when a woman told him he couldn't park it there, it sparked an argument that ended with bettany opening fire on her and her family. The woman was hit and hospitalized for 6 weeks, her 5 year old son was also hit and still has a bullet lodged in his back. Michelle bash WTO P news. And coming up after traffic and weather together on the 8s, it is one of the deadliest roads in the DMV, today the families of the victims gather to remember those lost. 7

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