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And pull a do. All this. We can all you know. Yeah. Name a better do. Oh, okay. There's no better. Came a close second. Matthew, mcconaughey? Carpool karaoke. Listen to this. Just waiting it. All right. All right. Iran. Snoop pulled out the blood. There was the Larry. Math mcconnahey small. Yeah. He does the blend together. What's his name? They all do. Yes. I'll bet. Equal. Hello. Cruise makes what he sees because it hurts. Yes, harmonize. Well. Yeah. Right. Not too. Well. Doc. Hey, man, the Oscars went really quick went hopeless and honestly dog I thought it went better than it ever has. I'm surprised it. Did they might do that again next year since it it worked really, well, I'm thinking other award shows took note? Yeah. Other other award shows like would you like to be hopeless? The Grammys because those are those are artists and everyone has personalities and opinions and certain quirks about them. So let them move the show. Exactly. That's exactly what. Man, and let the artists go up there and try to be funny and do. Awards personality crucial power windows. Number one for hip hop. Hang on. Vista cruise show. More of Elliot's hip hop morning show next..

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