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Sai Pan. It's about a Wisconsin guy who led an elite unit. He was a Marine and his son after his death. Discovered what a hero he Waas, The author is his son, Joe to Tchaikovsky, who had a chance to speak to earlier. So your dad was truly an American hero, commanding officer of the 40 thieves before I ask you about what they did. I want to ask you about how you discovered this because you didn't really know any of this until fairly recently. It was through. Ah, eulogy delivered it. My father's funeral from a gentleman who first met Dad at UW Madison in 1955. That man was there in Naval ROTC, and my dad was there on the G I bill. There was this marine sergeants that told the story about my dad on site and to this other fellow, and he spoke of it at this eulogy. And if he wouldn't have delivered that eulogy this Look would never have been written. So then you discovered all this stuff and you got to know the some of the guys and their families involved in the 40 thieves on side Pan. Tell me about the 40 thieves. What was this unit all about? 40 Marines World War, two were notorious thieves to begin with. They were the poorest equipped branch of service when they first landed on Guadalcanal to take on The Imperial Army. They were issued weapons rations and uniforms left over from World War. I So they always had to improvise to better their odds against the Japanese through what they termed marine efforts, which we better know is thievery. And these guys from my dad's being the elite of the sixth Marine regiments obviously excelled at the craft enough where other Marines called them. The 40 thieves And they were only the second such platoon deployed in the Pacific. Specifically to live and work behind enemy lines for days at a time we're firing a weapon would be the last option. This is amazing. So it was hand to hand combat. It was quiet reconnaissance in the jungles of the South Pacific. Was it difficult for them, Joe and you paint this picture in this adventurous book? Was it difficult for them to survive day today to make this work? One of the fellows said the only way they thought they were coming home would be dead that that would be their only way of getting home because they just could not see their way out of it. At the beginning of the battle to the end of the three week grind. Some of them lost a cz Muchas £50 because the Japanese were Just so tenacious and kept the Marines they'd attack during the day that attack at night. There was really no rest for these fellows at all. And whatever rest they could get was was never peaceful. The book is 40 thieves on Sai pan. It's true history, but it reads like a thriller like a novel. It's incredible. You're dad earned the Silver Star. Tell us about how that came about. That was on terra. And the reason I know about this is I found in among his papers a speech that he was really wrote for some V s W event. Aunt. He tells about it. There was a pill box that was two stories high on Terra. And it had the Marine at the entire money in companies turned down, holding the advance of finishing up the job on Terra, so he took the spot of his men up to the top to see what they could do to take it out. And as he and his men are climbing up the side of the pillbox, the Japanese noticed them and start throwing grenades at them. And all of his men see the grenades and scamper back down the hill, where he does not notice them and just continues to diligently climb. When we get to the top make surrounding he's there all by himself, just a Japanese head pops out of AA a trap door. And he just instinctively kicks. You know the enemy soldier back down, throws two grenades and That's when his men came up and finished the job inside the pillbox. That is Joe to Tchaikovsky. The book is 40 thieves on site Pan and incredible, Incredible read. I recommend you pick it up. It's 5 56 A. W. M. J. Why? My wife, Michelle and I are taking the cool.

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