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Hello america welcome to the glenn beck program we wanna talk about justice and the american system. We have We have a couple of things going on in the world with our with our justice system. the justice department i think has become hostile to the bill of rights. Some in the fbi at the upper level of the justice department I think they are They're squashing the bill of rights as well. there is. there is a real question of. Can you get justice in america anymore and we have attorneys that are not taking on unpopular clients. Well you ever read anything about john adams. Have you ever read anything about our justice system that that's exactly why we need the alan dershowitz In our lives. And you can't be persecuted because you take on an unpopular client. When did we stop admiring our own system of justice will. That's what's happening with rudy. Giuliani and it is setting a very dangerous precedent. He's joining us. Along with alan dershowitz in sixty seconds graham. 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Explain to people exactly why they're trying to suspend or what they're saying what they're using to suspend your license in new york. Well i've been practicing law for over fifty years. I have never had a complaint certainly never proceeding against me and i probably have tried some of the most difficult cases in the history of the country. There are basically the complaint against me. Is that i. On a number of occasions Set forth facts indicating that there was fraud in the twenty twenty election. A those facts are all based on information and evidence. I got some other people. Most of them are backed up by acetate. It's i've offered several courts. The opportunity here these witnesses. They've been uniformly declined. I offered this court the opportunity to look at the affidavits. not only did they. They kinda lied about it and I what i what i did was i said that in in the state of georgia there were several estimates of the number of dead people. Who voted that ranged as high as eight thousand. Three thousand five thousand eight thousand and that i had that i had death certificates involving at least eight hundred of them. I explained that. That's all based on affidavits. Instead of looking at the affidavits they concluded the closest gave three different. Because i didn't give them the affidavits. I was like well. The fact is three different numbers because there are three different experts who have three different estimates. And i made that clear in in the statements that i made and they never bothered to ask to see the affidavits. I said were available. Now i have four hundred affidavits. I couldn't possibly have delivered them all to the core and also represented by judges who were on that court. Who told me that you normally don't give the underlying affidavits until you get to. The hearing is a preliminary stage. You just tell them you'll make whatever affidavits they feel are necessary available. They failed to tell you that. I did that. And make it sound like. I'm hiding the affidavit. Which is a straight out and out. Lie those affidavits backup to the number every single number that i used. And if you saw the affidavits or any court ever let these witnesses testified well the dam would break looks. Eighty courts refused to hear witnesses. I only was involved. In three of the cases. Eighty courts refused to hear a single witness single citizen who can testify that there was fraud in the election. They make it sound. Like i have the information. I don't i have other people's information. Glenn i'm sitting right now in my again Two rooms away from me is a foul room. That has those four hundred affidavits. If from american citizens like a woman sixty years old or worked for detroit for forty years and would testify under oath that she was taught how to cheat by the detroit democrat cart. They taught her how to put phony names on sony ballots names of people who were underage or debt. Now she could be charged through so really rely. I write bright and that's for.

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