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Oh, an interesting Look at numbers with Castellani. You get this pitch in tow Lux outside to Oh, no. Lefties have only a dozen hits off of him this year. In Nearly 60 a bat. So you're talking around a 200 batting average. They have five homers. And four other extra base hits. So Nine of the 12 hits have been extra base it swing and a miss by Lux, and it's two on one Which again Gets back to the conversation, but black and I had on buddies show About command because I guarantee you. Most of those extra base hits were On breaking pitches, and there's another breaking ball. That's going to go to the second deck by Gavin Lux, and it's for nothing. Dodgers No. We talked about the last five games at Coors Field. The offense that hadn't come around the starting pitching had certainly held up its in. But Castellani obviously struggling early tonight, in particular this second inning with that. Second two run homer. Tough, Tio learn on the job in the big leagues. They're not going to cut you any slack and When you Have allowed 11 homers in less than 36 innings of pitching your You're not executing the way you think you're capable certainly, And your team wants you to accomplish. Gavin Lux was over his last 14. Before that home run. Swinging at the first pitch, popping it up behind home plate. Austin Barnes the catcher, but it goes behind the screen for a strike. Or want Barnes. He checked his swing, and the count evens one on one. Swing and a foul out of play. Well retired the Dodgers in order in the first inning, but Max Muncy. With a leadoff walk in His second inning. Two homers in a double have accounted for the four runs ball in the dirt to win, too. And the home runs. We're not just got their home runs, they were tattooed..

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