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Oh he was. Yeah yeah was an amazing one. Losing coaching his dad. Mike guys if you listen to you got to listen to if you're a parent or your cheer. Listen to mike gluten curtain. Talk about his son. Philip ville with a two time all american at auburn university football player. I said an all american football player at harvard everything is peaches and cream rainbows and sunshine. It is phillips living the life. He's he's got an altogether had a little taste of coffee in the nfl lights in front of me. He's in this young twenties one bad decision. One bad decision Philip made philip luton in. He made after a party after graduation or after Him being out of school and got into the car after a night of partying with one of his best friends who had been drinking and that best friend got into a serious car. Wreck and philip died and here he is talking. And what do i see. I see myself. I see myself. That's me that mike. Talk and mike luton curtains talking about his son. Miche man one bad decision. That luke brady mechanic makes and that's me talking about my foundation. That's me the luzi. The laci forty-three foundation folks. Look it up be part. That's impact you talk about legacy talking about impact dot what it's all about. That's why i started. The impact show is to find stories like that and again. Although it's it's a very tough time and in some weird way it was aspirational to know that. His father mike. His mission now is to take phillips legacy and to pay it forward. I made all the kids script. Listened to that podcast. I made anyone i train. Listen to and if you listen to that you know you shared that because of the impact that episode one twenty eight one. Twenty eight the legacy of philip luton kirch in On that it was it was no doubt One of my faves and this is kinda crazy. Y'all are going to laugh at me. i'm over two hundred episodes. What the heck's going on here y'all gonna laugh and you're like really. This is your favorite episode. One thirty five a walk with the jersey doc. My boy my boy awoke with the jersey dog You know you're like well. Why would a walk with the jersey. Doug folks once again. I was on my phone. I was on my phone with jersey and Walking up a hill. And i just said you know what i feel re real creative right now and i whip out my phone and on rev started just recording an episode because when i'm with jersey very spiritual time the sun hasn't come up yet i'm walking and talking..

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