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Yeah that was i mean storytelling like this is another big middle finger to everybody who says young can't tell a story which i always argued in japan they tell stories wage their spark monkeys they are completely like peter g they're really based on where you watch young books russell they acclimate their style to promotion they're wrestling for new pan they tell stories and pwg's they just go balls to the wall in our wages like a hybrid between the two but it's a little bit more the pow's east out but new japan these guys can tell a great story and this was a fantastic match with great storytelling from what i again from one thousand my dad wouldn't shut the fuck up but i was different i watch again because they get so many near falls and story being told and the conflict on their end and finally ending with the golden trigger where kenya meg is like okay it is about me and a blue she and they're finally going to win onto cody coming out it was well done ben shit to turn for the weird i don't know where cody's fitting office i'm really starting to worry that we're gonna to end up your end of your wolfpack sow which is something i do not meet well i'll be completely honest i worry too and i trust like i've been very trusting of gaydos booking his longterm bookings vision because even when aj sows was going i was like what are they going to do when he got caned making those like oh much better so it was like i trust gators booking and i think a lot of stuff is gonna hate supercar to honor and how they match plays cody kenny omega but until then i think we just gotta kinda ride it out because if there is like a second bullet club and this is dumb.

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