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I'd like to see jarrett. Patterson on punt returns. I don't know if it's gonna happen. I don't think it will happen He got that opportunity to return kickoffs last week and he returned one thirty seven yards. But can you imagine if he is you know a natural punt returner and he's better than anybody else they have as a punt returner how valuable that would be to be able to put him not only on the team which he's gonna make the team but put him on the wall street week And have him as a kickoff returner and punt returner to go with however else. You're going to use them. I mean that could make certain guys expendable or practice squad able Dax milner de'andre carter etcetera And then danny johnson defensively and it might allow you to keep other players in that leads to this and that is you know. I'm not obsessed with fifty three man roster projections like a lot of people. I don't have any problem with those at are. I love the you know. Deep deep granular detail interest. That you know many of you have I'm watching these roster battles as well. I'm just not going to do a fifty three man projection. Because i really don't have any idea. I mean i know what the position groups of interest are Running back will payton barber. Make the team. Because there's no doubt that gibson mckissick jared patterson or on the team How many receivers are they going to keep. And after the top five of mclaren humphry samuel diani brown and cam sims whose number six whose number seven if there is a seventh d. Count the you know if carter makes it as the kick returner punt returner is gandhi. Golden gonna make it They really liked dax milne. We've heard a lot about him. The secondary will be of interest. Certainly I think troy app. He's gonna make the team. I've been leading Or leaning in that direction for a while. Now I think he's going to make the team. He's too good of his special teams player and he just flashes when he's out there defensively and he gives ron and jack del rio. What they like. Some position flexibility But you know that's something to keep an eye on. certainly. I would imagine of the fifty three spots. Fifty one of them are accounted for. I doubt that any more than one to two positions are on the line in this game they might be. I could be wrong But that's typically the case Whatever happens tomorrow night. Hopefully they're healthy and the result on tuesday at four. Pm when they cut down to fifty three will will be one of the best rosters. They've had in years. Okay up next santana moss right after these words from.

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