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I mean, he's been money since RAS retired. I was just looking at it because I was thinking for a second that ville husso out in St. Louis might be a rookie. But he played last season. I don't believe he's in I don't think he's eligible to be a rookie of the year candidate this year. A hilarious completely overtake. Yeah, overtake Jordan Benton for that. Ridiculous. Crazy how that works. Couldn't have seen that one coming. Anyways, such a sad thing to see, short of an 18 slow losing his job. You never like to see that. That's not good. But yeah, I mean, it's funny with swimming, you know, you think back to about a month month and a half. And people are going, you know, always going to the AHL. He might lose all his confidence. It's going to derail his whole career. This kid, he's done because cuckoo came. And he's been better. He's been so much better than he was at the beginning of the year. I mean, rebound control has been better. There's overall play has just been much better. He's making better saves. He's making more saves. So it's funny to see how that works. When you see going on the HL didn't really kill him. What a funky. Who would have thunk it, Evan? This guy who showed up last year is a true rookie and posted like a 9 40 save percentage over like a ten game stretch. Have like a shout out over I think the penguins and one of his first games. This is a guy that, again, the technical skill is there and all that, but for just his poise, that's something that has been mentioned at Maine during his short stint in Providence when he first signed his contract, all that stuff. This is a guy who I don't think it's really rattled off of getting sent down to Providence for a few weeks. And again, yeah, of course it was disappointing. No shit. Like, of course he was disappointed by it. But for a guy like that who's got, I think that internal drive and that composure. It's a temporary setback, but then he gets right back at it and his performing at this level now. So yeah, I mean, that narrative thank God. Again, it's very unfortunate to go ask retired and wasn't able to complete his comeback. But thank God that narrative is done. Because that was such a weak, like it's such a weak ass narrative. That one drove me nuts for the two weeks that we had to deal with it that swimming getting sent down was going to just crumble his confidence..

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