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I would do it in a heartbeat because I like them. I don't know Karsten very well. I think his name is Carson. I don't know very well but I've heard good things about him. I think he actually went to majority of Idaho. I think him and I were like eight miles apart where I was at Pullman Washington and he was a University of Idaho. I used to dated a girl in Poland Moscow, Idaho. I'm pretty sure we were like a mile apart a lot of the time when they were in college, so it's possible to Katie and I were not really in close proximity geographically and then we just never never met or connected. I loved working with flemlo flemlo home. You can tell he's got a good heart. He's a good dude. I've talked to him now. It's like behind the scenes then on the show flemlo is a really wonderful human being I think a great role model for anybody else. And so if Katy Lynn flemlo, hey, if you're listening and you ever want to work together, let me know cuz I'm all ears. I will listen. have a good time. I think kto is proven to be a dead. I don't I've only watched like one of us videos literally but I'm pretty sure he's go to what he does and then flemlo I've watched flemlo multiple times. I really like flemlo and I've talked with him and I've worked so long if they ever want me on their content. Hey signed me up. I mean, that'd be fun and I work with them any day of the week. Okay, two more questions comments concerns left Alex writes in. He says what do you think about Haskins giving a halftime? Speech will Ron Rivera was getting an IV. First of all I V is crazy right like Ron Rivera is getting cancer treatment at halftime an NFL game. What is going on? And how how do you not Rally behind a guy doing that like Your codes so badly wants to win. He's getting cancer treatments on the sidelines and still coaching. Love it. Right and then it's cool that Haskins delivered this month. halftime speech because.

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