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Subscribe to the daily show podcast on your device to catch anything. You may have missed. I was watching. I was reading this story daily Colorado about this guy. Dave Weigel who has hated me for forever. And he apparently was running down Trump supporters. And I couldn't get over the fact that he looks like he just walked off the set of blow. And I just I can't hear anything else. I know that I don't know cocaine smuggler Sheikh is like an thing in terms of fashion choices, but I'm just saying I can say that because he hates me and has Ramey down. So I don't feel any guilt about it at all. And it's completely accurate, by the way, you know. It's completely and totally accurate. Let's see here. So the John Bolton is talking about right now. Some berlin. Awesome. National security concerns and questions. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is going to be Sarah Sanders will be doing a Q and A with the press here shortly, and that should be incredibly interesting cell. And I'm still just amazed at the story. With Baltimore how at Baltimore school districts. Police are told. Yeah, you can't carry guns on campus. While you're protecting the school and during your perimeter checks uniformed police officers, they say uniformed police officers must disarm, which is I think goes against every single and. Yeah, great question. Great question. So I, you know, I I just I find the whole thing really kind of silly. But it is. Why they thought that doing that would somehow be in any way? Safe. I don't know. Here's a story. That's also kind of in the same lines. Best buy apparently fired an army vet a security guard because he tackled a suspect knocked down a police officer. It's in Roseville, California. The rights group has a story a security guard aided sheriff's deputies and catching a suspect. The suspect had just not gonna deputy. He was trying to escape, but the vet was able to tackle the guy to keep him from getting away. The was just this is just insane. To me, this came from FOX eight the story, and they were talking to this this veteran, and they say there was he was the security guard and surveillance footage shows that he that county deputies were chasing suspect for the Roosevelt shopping plaza and the security guard, they call Tyler there was a guy walked by said when he got in his car bunch undercover shares came over to arrest him, and he only wanted to be referred to by his first name. He says he was working at the best buy he noticed the man thirty five year old Timothy Trujilo knocking down a deputy when they confronted me said the man punch one of the one of the detectives tried to run off and then the security guard tackled the guy preventing him from escaping this from Lieutenant Andrew Scott spokesperson for Placer county sheriff's office and the deputies were able to arrest Trujilo Tyler says his good deed was quickly overshadowed when he went back inside his job and best buys policy, apparently is don't touch anyone. And a week later Tyler was given the pink slip. He says corporate decided to let me go because I quote used excessive force and it was against their policy to intervene. So and true will is facing assault charges all kinds of charges. And yeah, Taylor was going to go. He was going to start college. In April a veteran army veteran who does the right thing and best buy fires. And for it. Best buy really needs to reconsider their policies here. I think he sees that a guy was in need the sheriff's office said, yeah, he helped us catch this guy. What the hell's best by doing fire in the sky? And what was his job wasn't like he was a checker. Or a cashier. His job is what city. Stop it already. Yeah. Alternate headline best. Buy fires veteran security guard for being security guard. Good heavens. I just this is so crazy, and I'm hearing from people as a way as it relates to Baltimore who were saying like, for instance, Melissa's on social media are I'm I'm in Maryland in years ago. I lived close to Baltimore. There's no reason those officers should have to disarm. Yeah. Uniformed officers. The Baltimore school districts voted to. Yeah. You got to you can't use your gun when you're protecting schools. What when is the last time a cop in defensive a school shot students defending them from a massive assailant? I mean. The stuff and that makes it dangerous for cops. Isn't that go against all everything that I know it goes against their policies, right? Good grief. Just awful. I don't know. I just. All of this is they're they're they're going to endanger them, and if anything ever were forbidden to happen. They're not going to have the ability to actually defend against people. That's who that's those are the people that you call. So why even have them on campus at all? Someone else said they've had guns this entire time. And yet, we're all here. Why even have him on campus at all? Yeah. And and good way to just advertise that to any mass assailants too, by the way. Right. Today's stupidity. Cain. Oh, there was so much to choose from his matter of fact, we even have.

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