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Anyway I was telling you about somebody somebody it just feels like a hug it's like a lovely if you've ever taken molly you off Sherman that's how that's how thank you were saying Mali and my country instead of Mandy I appreciate you making the effort oh I've only ever known as molly even when I was even know even when I was in Britain I was only listening to American music and hanging out with me folks that would be disgusting if you were sober and you just feel into and comforted and happy and wore it feels Make it feels like a resolution like a prolonged and beautiful orgasm but way better than any orgasm from sex because it costs so long and apiece and it's like this feels like the Eucharist it's hurting or maybe maybe when I die if I've been good even though I've been Terrible and disgusting homosexual if I have upset feminists maybe he'll let me in any way and I'll get to heaven and heaven feels like the huge long me louis like melted chocolate orgasm of a long night on molly and that's how I feel when I call a feminist effect count ah you see them like flip out and you just go I've never had an orgasm matt good never banned from country yes continents you gotta pay the troll tool if you want to get into that boys oh you gotta pay the troll Gideon you want the baby voice whole you gotta pay the role you got to get in eh uh well well well today on the skeptic tank I have just a passion project episode just a pure like analysis of one of the most joyous things in my life and that is trolling guys I'd like to admit something to you before we start I are fear if you don't want to troll troll is probably a victim of trolls before patrol we have views on life but were much more aligned with what will make you angry trolls chief John Oy is getting a rise out of someone so we'll do it however we can you know I like to say it like this if I go to a car convention I'll go in there and say we'll horses are better it's not a Chevy or Ford is just sources and if I go to a Horse Convention like fucking idiots go get a car understand I don't care one way or the other and even if I do care I'm not going to be linked to that to that viewpoint I'm gonna go ahead and say whatever will get you angry angers a great rise it's a great motivator for trolls you can also do other things you can get people to really care really fooling people but when you see him get angry you you see the results of your trolling way better than people that made me feel good you know that could be a good troll to actually now I think about it but it's just for to see the results and I'd been a troll for a long time I mean talk with Nick Mullen once who's also troll himself if you don't know the Nicole Whole Mullen blogs I guess he writes is like a housewife and oh man they're great he writes his because as a as a mother and housewife and he writes him in a way that gets people so angry at him but he writes under the pen name Nicole Mullen and you know they don't know that that he's fucking with them but he's trolling so they get the combat sexual glorious it's all about how kit like like things like beat your kids for Jesus Shit like not quite that way more in depth and smarter than I just said and I've been a troll for a long time and guys honestly it's what Nick said to me once the stand probably five years ago four years ago five years ago maybe was that we are living in a gold Aj trolling in the old days you'd have to go on a message board you have to try to like fool one person and work really hard to full one person or seven or eight people but now you can put out a tweet the fools thousands and takes almost no moments of your life how much did you you trolls now you have it's so fucking easy listen I'm not saying it's a problem a lot of people were late the book you have it easy these days as if it's a bad thing it's great it's great you have it easy we are literally in the golden not literally but we're in the gold the age of trolling so what I did once a long time ago is I used to go on a special thing message board the troll their special thing was a subset of the What's that Jack Black musical group Taneja D. and especially a subset and then the early audits they started talking about stand up comedy this reviewing stand up? Hami was the first time a lot of stand up comics saw their saw the shows in any sort of print even let's not print but in in in the typed word and drove comics insane they were on there all the time Louis was on there pat nozzle was on there all the people at my level were on there talking about the reviews and the reviewers gotta wrong making this angry and while these were fans of comedy there were just figuring out like I guess I should say something you know and it drove us nuts so some of us well me I would go on there and try to troll I started a website I started an account that was Millennium Virgin it was it was ed my friend David Taylor he was part of that scene a little bit too on the outskirts and he hadn't gotten laid since before two thousand so as of two thousand and four fives six whenever it was starting to Count Say Millennium Virgin he hadn't gotten laid since millennium posted him uh-huh until they got mad he found out it was served me and he was right but you gotTa do in those message boards as you gotta go you can't just okay the rookies mistake is just to go on there and post inflammatory but they'll see they'll be like oh one post from a new account goods message board back in the old days. I don't think he has any more full of trolls full of trolls but the mistake you have one post and it's something out there crazy shitty so that's not gonNa work people like guys it's just I post and they're like well I think it'd be anything like I think the comedian aunt is actually better than Joe Rogan you know and people were like what and then you look real quick a one post guys Scott the troll ignore him about to start fucking operating my building so on this special thing this this all common sorry it was an all comedy thing by the way that gave birth rethink gave birth to the rise of Azizan sorry because he did these shows human giant shows that what they were but he would host I think and then he would have his name in the lineup and so his name was a lineup with these great comics and that was in New York so these comics La was an central website message board we'd see a Z's I'm sorry all the time with these kylo people so they start I guess these on salary is fucking high level person and it really helped launch him in the eyes of the L. A. Comedy scene so you would have to do is you would have to take hi like months because not only would it say your post count it would also say your start date she'd started account and then you'd have to put post after post just agreeing with everything you know you would join a thread that says patent or who's the best comic all comic going today and you'd vote patent Louis and Daca Akers sure nobody's GonNa fit right in also Sarah Silverman guys go down then another one the comedy death ray later turned to comedy Bang Bang when they stole it from Porter Oh my God you don't even know about this so Scott I know Scott Aquaman and something porter I forget his name they started comedy death-ray they started at the bar and it was the old comedy show of the Week Oh man it was the all comedy show that we took over from Largo in La and everybody was there sir McCain down and Zach and fucking David Cross and and Odin Kirk and all the fucking all the fucking big names in the scene and me and my friends were killed Taylor did a I I don't think I ever did it I think they never had me they had me on their minor league show one time that was it I mean I'm not really all comic so it's fair looking back but wasn't Scott Porter anyway so look this up. BJ Porter that's it so BJ Puerto at Scottclark of it started this show and I don't know what happened between them but eventually Akron wanted Scott Port Bj out and so we bought him out and he said you get half of comedy comedy death ray they'd moved it from from embar to UCSB and he goes I want you out so we bought him out because you get fifty percent of it or they agreed on till the end of time at the same time apparently allegedly wherever you want to say Auburn working on a deal to sell the show to whatever the fucking network is on now not fuel one of those small numbers IFC but so right before he sold it already have a deal in place and the right before he sold it he just changed the name he goes it's now called Comedy Bang Bang then sold it and porter is like wait but I started off the show because yeah you sort of coming death rates like Kim a comedy Bang Bang the same show in the same timeslot at a UCSB on Tuesday nights you've just sold my shell and renamed it Ann Arbor that gives like yeah fuck off you get nothing and that's run ear wolf by the way who double dip on charging you if you run a show there they charge you for your for your podcast like ads if you're on your podcast and the so run a fucking agency and they charge you for that so they get thirty percent and then thirty percent of what's left that's fucking respect they have performance over there fuck hardcore move and there's this guy out of started it but anyway so you would have to go on there and start these accounts right and a tough there was a comedy death ray show and and whoever was on and then and then Zach was on and then onto the show and you'd have to go on there and say yeah I was at that show really great what a good time and I remember starting this account by the name of Myron left Koets my alter ego and Myra left courts had to post a hundred posted gotta post at least one hundred you guys if you really want to get in there you gotta put the Lisa hundred and you talked about one hundred and seven hundred eight you don't have your one hundred posts beat something like that nowadays you could probably just go by accounts on twitter or wherever from India right they post a bunch of posts and then sell it off so it looks real and then once I started with Myron did is his favourite comic was Riley Newton a good comment for sure she's she's moved to to Seattle Portland area she still does it up there I was afraid to nothing to do with that but she was dislike mid level the giner comic panels loved her should Keke I don't remember jokes but she was my favorite comedian and every time she was on the show like fucking Riley nude and crushed that was just the troll to just promote this Riley Newton I would also say inflammatory things but one detail of Meyer left quits account was that he would always rep Riley Newton Hall hard and then I gave it up and then I remember like a year and a half later came back she was on a show and I just wrote in fucking like thirty two point font on oh she was on it was like an Riley Newton just got back flock es and everybody was on their longtime was like Whoa my God I remember this guy yeah Myron left grits and trolls by the way they're not always just like that I remember doing one David Taylor open for him somewhere and dice loves troll is loves fucking with people I mean he loves it and so when he David opening up for him he he was saying give me a long introduction and David was like okay and dice loves talking with his own crowd I should go without saying anything not silence but without saying anything so we'd get up there and go you know the there was a first he would like tap the Mike stand for a little while test and put his fucking jacket downers cigarettes on the stool and put us drink on the stool it comes out and he's like what he says those guys and then I'm like you know how because I'm going to respond so now we're in a thing and it's like a you know how these people but he doesn't like four minutes and you're like you don't even talk matter anything and it's just he knows he's entertaining the two three comics me Mike Black David Taylor in the background is easy he's just entertaining us at the expense of these other people he did a thing once you have to imagine the days dice is great troll by the way I think about it dice is great it borderlines on pranks it really does it borderlines on pranks by the way I should mention this right now no I'll say this I if he he did this thing once so this award days of of digital cameras right and somebody he didn't like taking pictures of the people fans and the personalities like Nah but one awesome he's like hey andrew can I get a picture this can I get a picture and he goes yeah okay which surprise may turn and look and he goes already you take the picture and take it he didn't let go of the camera he held it in his hand that's not the trial he held it in his hand and he wouldn't let go and.

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