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Turkey's into the bendon area about fifteen years ago they went out there without a crater turkeys and they said turkey's mendon mendon turkey's rare reduce them as north logan north own north of logan then uh the for at first the mayor enjoyed watching the five or ten turkey's at shuttled near his home but then the mayor of mendon said oh 5 to 10 turned into a hundred and two hundred than three hundred here's at about five hundred turkey's a by house ed bruce is the mayor they're upset and the turkey's or not that while the either they say they they seem to really sort of white being around people and you know eating everything in sight remember that dumb uh i got tweeted this this weekend uh that to federal election commission commissioner matthew peterson who went before committee to be a district judge within and he didn't know anything about courtroom he navajo tribe whatever aisle all of that if you for you can find it at our fh bill i posted a video of that as it turns out we can be proud he is a former staffer to the late senator bob bennett and a graduate of brigham young oh anniversrary now he of are in his bachelor's degree the byu and got a law degree from the university of virginia and the he did not come across well now i don't i don't know i don't know that the cost of look into the icu have swore if i just showed up in benneh white male republican that they would give me something but apparently not uh the anita hill's been selected to lead a hollywood commission on sexual harassment really path commission will be headed by anita hill composed of and funded by some of the most powerful names of hollywood they are it's been created tackle the widespread sexual abuse and harassment in the media and entertainment industries and women are not happy with matt damon yet he he should've kept his mouth yet he stepped in it matt damon thinking he knows what a all he ah uh a started talking about the various range thus two degrees of breeze of polar of a sexual harassment and his former girlfriend many driver among others said matt shut up shop you don't know what you're talking about you have no idea and finally this remember the uh a.

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