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Listeners. I'd like to tell you about another show you may enjoy how to money, it's not your typical personal finance podcast, two best friends, Matt and Joel or the host of the show, it's humorous in its relatable. And it's all about making money conversations fund. Interesting and informative every Wednesday. They cover real life money topics like how to cut your grocery Bill. Why your house is a terrible investment and how to achieve financial independence? If you're not the greatest at money, or if you're just interested in personal finance than how to many is for you. Listen and subscribe on apple podcast iheartradio app or wherever else you get your podcasts. Just search for how to money. Hey, everybody. Happy Saturday coming up next week on the show. We're going to talk about a famous concert pianist and making an appearance in that episode brief but important is FRANZ Liszt. So it seemed like a great time to revisit one of our favorite past episodes about some nineteenth century fandom. And that is listed mania. Just a quick note. If this episode sounds a little different to you from how're episodes have been sounding. It's just from an earlier era that was recorded and produced at a slightly different quality level. Enjoy. Welcome to stuff you missed in history. Class from how stuff works dot com. Hello and welcome to podcast Wilson. And I'm Holly. Probably I have a confession to make long holding jealousy. Then with me quite a while. I have always been jealous of Sarah and Dobalina having already covered the rite of spring riots on our podcast. The whole story is just so weird. They already covered it back in twenty eleven. So I've had my eye out for some other kind of weird musical story to cover as sad consolation prize. This is not a sad consolation prize. This is actually awesome. It is about a musical mass hysteria that is from the mid nineteenth century and that is listed mania. Yeah. It's delightful. I mean, there's no way around it. I feel kinda sorry for the guy. I've been the same time. It's pretty great. So before we start as as often happens. I need a little note. So today, the word mania, definitely has psychological connotations, right? It's used to describe this excessively elevated mood or really hyperactive mental state, and that can also extend into physical hyperactivity and other behaviors. And usually it's used this way in the context of like, bipolar disorder, other mental and emotional disorders. And there are definitely folks would really prefer the word mania not be used to describe more generally just being really excited or busy. But at the time when the word lists domain Lia was coined the word mania was really a physical description. It was not a psychological one. And so Louis domain Lia was considered to be a frantic and dangerous physiological response to being around FRANZ Liszt. And so when we use the word, Maine. In today's show with that is the context that we are talking about. All I can think of is all those shots of the women in the crowd is the Beatles landed in America sits very well. And to be honest. I saw the Boston symphony the Boston pops. Specifically do a whole night of the Beatles. And it was amazing. I was I was really there to see John Hodgman. The what's it called the the introductions orchestra free young people? Oh, yeah. That it was hilarious. And there was a there was an Asian through the whole thing that talked about among other things Beatle mania. And I had this moment where I was like what if we did up podcast on Beatlemania? And I couldn't figure out a way to make that feel legitimate. So this feels a lot more legitimate and also very fun. Show to give you a little bit of background and set this up. Franz Liszt was born in divorce on Hungary, which is now rating Austria, although it is still referred to as debris on if you speak Hungarian on October twenty second of eighteen eleven and debris on at the time was rather small it was basically a market town. And most of the people who live there were both German speaking and ethnically Hungarian or may gar list was the only child of atom list and Annamaria logger at I'm list worked as a clerk for prince nNcholas Esterhazy who was a musical patron and lists father was also an amateur musician. You could play several different instruments, including the cello and the piano, FRANZ Liszt's. Father had also spent two years in the Franciscan order so Frans grew into a religiously pretty devoted child. Liz already showed a really distinct love of music by the age of six and his father started to give him music lessons. Frans was just enormously talented, and he really progress in his musical study extremely quickly by the time. He was nine he was giving public performances as a concert pianist. And after his first performance local bigwigs actually donated money to fund the next several years of his musical education soon. His prodigious ability outstripped the resources that were available in the Borey on. So lists father asked for an extended leave of absence from his employer and sick FRANZ to Vienna. There. He studied piano with Carl czerny who himself had studied with Ludwig von Beethoven list, also studied composition with Antonio salary who was much more famous for his relationship with and rivalry with Mozart. Both of these teachers were so impressed with his talent that they refused to be paid for their work. With him FRANZ

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